Bob Odenkirk Says He Will “Forever Feel Unworthy” of Goodwill One Year After Heart Attack


“I had a small heart attack,” Bob later confirmed in a July 30 tweet. “But I’m going to be ok thanks to Rosa Estrada and the doctors who knew how to fix the blockage without surgery.”  

He continued, “Thank you. To my family and friends who have surrounded me this week. And for the outpouring of love from everyone who expressed concern and care for me.  It’s overwhelming. But I feel the love and it means so much.’ 

After he was discharged from the hospital, Bob said that the show put regulations in place to make sure that he could safely return to set.   

“I had a five-week break to recover. And then when I went back, we limited our shooting to 12-hour days,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “They took care of me and I was able to do it, and hopefully you can’t tell when I had the heart attack and when I didn’t.” 

However, the actor noted that he remembers very little about the time before and after his health scare.  

“I’m really watching something that I don’t have any memory of acting in, which is a rare thing. I mean, usually you watch some, and you have some recall of that even if it was shot months ago. But in this case, it’s such a complete blank,” he told the outlet. “It’s very strange. I gotta tell you, it’s a weird thing to have lost basically about a week and a half. Clean, just clean, clean nothing.” 

He also urged the importance of learning how to perform CPR to save others like him. 

“I didn’t get a heart rate for 18 minutes after this started, and that’s a long time,” he told NPR. “Please take a CPR class because the fact that it was done almost immediately —within a minute and minute and a half—and it was done so well, it was done properly—that’s what really saved me.” 

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