Scheana Shay Slams Randall Emmett As “A Disgusting Excuse For A Human” After Recent Exposè

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Scheana Shay and Lala Kent have certainly had their differences on Vanderpump Rules. But Scheana is firmly Team Lala when it comes to her ex-fiance, Randall Emmett. After an explosive exposè revealed allegations of sexual favors for movie roles and crooked business dealings, Scheana took some time to drag Randall.

She recently told Page Six, “All of this has been shocking. I mean, the extent of what we have heard about him, there’s even more that wasn’t even in the article. So that itself is shocking.” In the piece by the Los Angeles Times, Lala also accused Randall of “tackling” her and knocking her “to the ground” after she tried to gain access to her phone amidst rumors that he cheated on her. Scheana remarked, “It’s one thing if you hear someone cheats. But when you hear how they cheated and everything that went into it, it was shocking.”

Randall also allegedly offered multiple women movie roles in exchange for sex. Randall has denied the allegations through this rep. His spokesperson told Page Six, “These allegations are false and part of a now-familiar smear campaign orchestrated by Randall’s ex-fiancée to sway their custody dispute.”

Scheana shared that the VPR cast was blindsided by the accusations against Randall. She explained, “It was not anything any of us saw coming. We thought they had a good, solid relationship.” Lala and Randall dated for five years and were engaged for three before breaking up.

Lala and Randall share daughter Ocean Kent Emmett, who the then-couple welcomed in March of 2021. Scheana described the situation as “really unfortunate, especially for Ocean.” Scheana noted, “Lala, thankfully, has this blessing and this beautiful little baby girl who is just the sweetest little girl. So if she found out things in the relationship earlier, she wouldn’t have this baby.” She continued, “I just try to remind her, ‘Look at the positives. He is a terrible, disgusting excuse for a human, but you have a beautiful baby girl because he was in your life.’ But, like, f–k him.”

On the last season of VPR, Lala was critical of Scheana’s relationship with fiance, Brock Davies. Lala accused Brock of not financially supporting his two kids from a precious marriage. In February, Brock claimed that he finished paying off his back child support. According to Scheana, she and Lala and have made amends and that Lala has “apologized numerous times” for her comments.

The three of them even hung out for a Fourth of July party, where Lala “started bawling” after hearing a song Brock wrote for Scheana. Scheana recalled, “I felt so bad. I’m like, ‘You’re going to get your prince charming! It’s OK!’” Lala then kept telling Brock, “You’re such a good guy.”


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