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Last night’s episode of 90 Day Fiance was dedicated to the past, or shall I say the exes. As if these couples didn’t have enough issues without the involvement of outsiders. If it’s not family, it’s an ex- spouse all in their business. That is not to say I don’t understand their concern, I just don’t think it’s their place to get involved. I mean really, would you want your fiancé’s ex questioning you about your relationship? Some of these people are better than me, because I would make it clear that their input in unwelcome.

Mohamed considers trying to find a new sponsor. Patrick’s brother, John confronts Thais about keeping the truth from her dad. Bilal‘s ex pushes Shaeeda about the prenup. Kara and Guillermo reach a compromise on their wedding. Let’s get straight to the recap.

Yvette, 48 (Albuquerque, New Mexico) and Mohamed, 25 (Egypt)

Mohamed is shocked when Yvette informs him that they will need to push back their wedding another month. She claims she is having issues finding a wedding venue, despite him being willing to have a small backyard affair. He is extremely concerned about when his visa paperwork will be filed. I don’t know if that is because he is eager to work or because he just wants a green card? Even Yvette begins to question his true intentions. Honestly, something seems amiss. They have been arguing the entire time he has been here about cultural differences. Did those concerns just go away? Why is he more concerned about papers more than them coming to a compromise on their issues?

Mohamed meets with a friend to vent about the situation with Yvette. He is still concerned about her pushing the wedding back, which will in turn will push back his documents. He believes that she being very selfish and doesn’t care because he is the one that is staying home watching her child. Mohamed becomes so upset thinking about his mother, that he begins to cry. His friend tries to help him think about a plan moving forward. But Mohamed thinks he may have to consider another sponsor. Hmm… Is he here for love or just his documents? I understand his frustration being away from his family and stuck in the house, but I am starting to see some serious red flags.

Patrick, 31 (Austin, Texas) and Thais, 25 (Brazil)

Patrick updates his friend and brother about the trip to Vegas with Thais. They can’t believe that she is still hiding her intention to get married from her father. Patrick may be in denial about the situation since he insists Thais’ father likes him. There is a reason that she is afraid to tell her father why she is America. Patrick asserts he will not get married until his fiancé tells the truth. His brother, John and his friend aren’t convinced and begin question Thais’ true intentions.

While Thais attempts to cook something that vaguely resembles food, John confronts her about not telling her father about the wedding. When Patrick is presented with his plate, he politely attempts to eat the ketchup and mustard “stroganoff” while John questions her about her father again. Thais becomes so annoyed she storms out of the kitchen.  John continues to press Patrick about how he is going to handle the situation with Thais’ father. But what they don’t know is Thais is eavesdropping on their conversation. When she hears John encouraging Patrick to look in other women’s direction, she returns to confront them. Sometimes I wonder if Patrick has a mind of his own. It seems like John and Thais are constantly battling for control of it.

Jibri, 28 (Rapid City, South Dakota) and Miona, 23 (Serbia)

Jibri takes a hike with his grandmother to vent about his situation with Miona. After the family confronted him about whether he is truly happy in the relationship, he is more confused than ever.  In his mind, he fell in love with an independent, driven woman, but he hasn’t been seeing those qualities in her lately. Insert side eye. I find that funny, since neither one of them seems to have anything concrete going on to make real income. Even Jibri’s best friend and band mate runs his own trucking company to pay his bills. Despite his grandmother’s concerns, she offers to officiate the wedding, if it takes place.

Jibri and Miona sit down for dinner to talk. He expresses his concerns and things that he needs from her. Miona now understands that she needs to be a little more independent, if she wants things to work. But they are still at an impasse on where their wedding will take place. She still wants to have her big day somewhere other than South Dakota. Obviously, this is not what Jibri wants to hear because his family won’t be able to attend. But Miona is holding firm on her what she wants.

Ariela, 30, (Princeton, New Jersey) and Biniyam, 31 (Ethiopia)

Ariela’s ex-husband, Leandro, is like the houseguest who will never leave. I am as confused as Biniyam as to why he is truly there. When he comes by to go dress shopping with Ariela, she reveals she isn’t feeling well. It is Leandro who suggests that there is a possibility that she may be pregnant. He then continues to ask personal questions to which, Biniyam has to shut him down. But Leandro continues to insert himself into their relationship. He even tries to showcase how little they know about each other, by asking how many kids they both want. When Ariela takes a pregnancy test she is relived to find out she is not pregnant. For some reason, Leandro is also relived as well. Biniyam put your foot down and stop allowing that man in your business.

Kara, 29 (Charlottesville, Virginia) and Guillermo, 23 (Venezuela)

Kara takes Guillermo to the rodeo in an attempt to cheer him up after his brother’s sudden passing. When he hears the national anthem he is overcome with emotion to be in America with the woman he loves. Although he is still mourning, he is really appreciative of his fiancé’s support. She even agrees to compromise on their wedding plans. Instead of just going to the courthouse, she is now open to having a wedding with their friends and family. They will only have 3 weeks to plan the wedding. I hope they are up for the challenge.

Bilal, 42 (Kansas City, Missouri) and Shaeeda, 37 (Trinidad and Tobago)

Ever since Shaeeda said she wanted to add her own terms into a prenuptial agreement, Bilal has been silently sulking. She attempts to change his mood with a family activity, but it is evident that he isn’t feeling it. After some relaxing yoga, she is eager to just make up and just move on. Later, Bilal’s ex-wife stops by to speak with Shaeeda. Things get a bit awkward when it becomes apparent this isn’t going to be a social call. His ex-mentions that she needs to be assured that Shaeeda isn’t just there to take advantage of Bilal. Basically she doesn’t want Shaeeda to get any ideas that she has any claim to anything her fiancé has. Wow! Although, I understand her thought process, it is not her place to have that conversation with her. If the ex and Bilal are truly friends, why isn’t she speaking to him about this? Even Shaeeda is taken aback by the conversation. She is better than me, because I would have been walking her to the door.


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