Dolores Catania Says Her Friendship With Jennifer Aydin Is Done After This Season Of Real Housewives Of New Jersey

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This season of Real Housewives of New Jersey was dominated by Teresa Giudice and her massive falling out with Margaret Josephs. But another friendship was ruined after Marge revealed that co-star Jennifer Aydin’s husband had an affair. Because of it, Dolores Catania, who was always in Jen’s corner, found herself at odds with her friend by the end of the season.

Dolores revealed to Page Six that she’s “done” with Jennifer. She explained, “The way she spoke about me was unwarranted.” Weeks after the first episode aired, Jennifer called Dolores a “jerk” for how she handled her in the wake of the affair being revealed. During a tense scene with the rest of the cast, Jen cried over Marge airing out her dirty laundry. Dolores attempted to give her a pep talk, which came off cold when she told her to stop crying.

But according to Dolores, she and Jen had talked about it off-camera. Said Dolores, “She should have stepped up and said, ‘Listen, I asked her to be tough with me and I asked her to actually stop me from crying.’ I’m like, ‘Stop crying. Walk in this house with your head up and your shoulders back.’” She added, “That’s what I told her, ‘Because you have a good marriage. This is something you got through and be proud of it.’ But it wasn’t the way she wanted to take it this season. So, I didn’t realize that. Sorry.” Jennifer continued to criticize Dolores for not defending her throughout the rest of the season.

While Jen claimed she wanted to “work it out” with Dolores at the reunion, that’s not exactly what went down. And Dolores wasn’t happy that Jennifer would only discuss the matter on camera. Dolores explained, “I did reach out to her off-camera and I did try to speak to her as a friend and she said, ‘I’ll see you at the reunion.’ That was a very pivotal moment for me to see that the person who I have stuck up for so much and feel that I’ve been there for spoke to me like, ‘I’ll see you at the reunion.’’’

Dolores continued her thoughts on Jennifer, “I’ve been a friend to you on the show since you’ve been on. I’ve left events with you. I’ve had your back when you were un-defendable, whether you were in front of me or not. And this is the way I get treated.”

As for the end of their friendship, Dolores doesn’t regret it. She concluded, “I feel like it’s probably better for both me and Jen. The way I left that reunion is the way it will stay. This is the way it is. This is fine. I don’t have to be everyone’s friend. I’m not used to being treated like this by women — sorry — or anyone because I don’t deserve it.”


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