Donald Trump gives bizarre and baffling definition of a woman during yet another anti-trans rant

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Former president Donald Trump gave a bizarre definition of what a ‘woman’ is during an appearance on Piers Morgan Uncensored. (Getty/Scott Olson)

Donald Trump offered up an unusual definition of a woman during an anti-trans tirade on Piers Morgan’s new series. 

Trump appeared on Piers Morgan Uncensored to share his opinion on a variety of topics, including trans athletes. Morgan asked Trump if he thought the “woke debate” is “beginning to really damage the Democrats” and brought up the current debate on trans women’s ability to compete in sports. 

The British TV host said he believed the inclusion of trans athletes in women’s sports is “grotesquely unfair”, and the former president agreed with Morgan. Then, Morgan discussed how prime minister Boris Johnson’s previously said “biological males” shouldn’t compete in sporting events that align with their gender identity.

Trump said he “agreed” with a trans sports ban “long before anybody else”. 

Morgan then outright asked: “One of the big questions being put to lots of politicians right now is what is a woman?”

At first, Donald Trump said he was “not going to respond to the question”, but he proceeded to give his own bizarre definition anyway. 

“A woman is somebody that swims at a certain time and doesn’t get beaten by 38 seconds by somebody that wasn’t even a good swimmer as a male,” Trump said. 

Trump’s definition referenced Lia Thomas, who earlier this year became the first out trans woman to win NCAA swimming championship. The University of Pennsylvania swimmer has been put in the centre of the debate on trans inclusion in competitive women’s sports..

According to OutSports, Thomas won the 1,650-yard freestyle at the Zippy Invitational by about 38 seconds. But the outlet said that the swimmer’s “breaking of school and Ivy League records has been by smaller margins of a couple seconds”. 

It isn’t the first time Donald Trump has spoken about Thomas. Trump misgendered Thomas at a Texas rally in January before also taking aim at trailblazing trans weightlifters like Laurel Hubbard. 

“But the best is the weightlifting records – they’re going,” Trump said. “One guy walks in with one hand [and] he broke the record that held up for 20 years.”

“Take a look at the weightlifting record,” he told bystanders, “two ounces is unacceptable. They beat ’em by many, many, many, many, many, many pounds.”

Like Thomas, Hubbard became the target of vile anti-trans hatred after she became the openly trans woman to compete in the Olympics. She bowed out of the global competition after failing to lift 125kg in the +87kg women’s weightlifting final.

During the rally, Trump also vowed to ban trans athletes nationwide from participating in women’s sports should he be re-elected as president in 2024. 

Donald Trump also spoke out against president Joe Biden and trans athletes back in 2021 during his first major speech since leaving the Oval Office. Trump claimed Biden and the Democratic party are “pushing policies that would destroy women’s sports”. 

He then incorrectly alleged that a “lot of new records are being broken in women’s sports” and claimed women’s sports will “die” if trans women are allowed to compete. Trump provided no evidence to back up his claims during his speech. 

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