Lala Kent Says Katie Maloney And Tom Schwartz Split Because Tom “Continues To Not Pick” Katie

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Vanderpump Rules fans were stunned when Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz split up after 12 years together. There were Schwartz’s incidents of drunken cheating, and “Tequila Katie’s” prolific rage texts. VPR viewers were treated to two weddings after a paperwork snafu rendered the first one invalid.

Last season on Pump Rules, there was tension between Katie and Schwartz’s BFF and business partner, Tom Sandoval. Since Schwartz and Katie’s split, Sandoval has been a supportive presence for his friend.

Schwartz was spotted wearing his wedding ring soon after the couple’s split was announced, and he took full responsibility for the failure of his relationship with Katie. Meanwhile, Katie officially filed for divorce on March 22, 2022.

Schwartz recently addressed why he is still sporting his wedding ring. “This is not me clinging on and being needy. There was such a profound love there and I feel naked without it,” Schwartz stated. He also explained that he and Katie are still living together out of “necessity [and] practicality.”

While it may have seemed like the couple’s split was abrupt, Katie admitted that they had been separated for over a month before dropping the news. She said that telling her husband that she wanted to part ways “was the hardest thing to do.”

Then we have VPR star Lala Kent, who dumped her fiancé Randall Emmett after he allegedly cheated on her. Lala later claimed that Randall cheated with “many women.” She was “blindsided” by the breakup but given that she supposedly hooked up with Randall while he was still married, maybe she should have expected it.

Lala called Schwartz and Katie’s split “very sad.” During a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Lala answered all of host Andy Cohen’s questions about the end of the Bubbas.

“What do you think ultimately made Katie realize that she wasn’t happy with Schwartz?” Andy asked. Lala replied, “I think when someone continues to not pick you and it’s an easy pick– you’re his–you’re the wife, then it’s like–we’re done.” Exhibit A- all last season on Pump Rules, until Schwartz finally demanded that Sandoval respect his wife, and the two men took a friendship break.

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Andy asked, “Were you surprised by their split?” Lala remarked, “Yeah, I thought that Schwartz would come to the table a little bit, and he still didn’t. So, very telling.” Ouch.

“They have made it clear they don’t want their friend group choosing sides,” Andy stated. “Are people choosing sides?” Of course, Lala demanded that her friends pick her or Randall.

“No. I don’t feel like any of us have chosen sides. It wasn’t messy,” Lala explained. “But obviously if we had to choose sides then I would always pick Katie.”


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