Adriana de Moura Explains Why She Divorced Frederic Marq

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Adriana de Moura is no stranger to the Real Housewives of Miami. She was on the original seasons and was well known for her feisty nature with her castmates. The show also followed her love life with fiancé, Frederic Marq, who she ended up marrying in front of the cameras.

Unfortunately, the two have now divorced. As reported by Yahoo, the two called it quits after 11 years. Adriana explained, “I believed that Frederic and I would be together forever. We were together for over 10 years — 11 years, to be exact — but unfortunately, in the later years after the show wrapped, there were different paths, and we were growing apart.”

She added of the nature of their breakup, “It got to the sense that, very friendly and very amicably, we decided that maybe that wasn’t going to work for the really long haul, like ’till death do us part.’ We very amicably got divorced, and it was sad. Very sad. But it’s life — you never know!”

Adriana also said that their marriage fell victim to the coronavirus pandemic. She noted, “It’s very hard to maintain long-term marriages and relationships, especially when COVID hit. We literally got divorced amidst COVID, and I think probably a lot of [other] people did, too. You realize it’s time to pull the trigger. It’s a big time of reflection, right? Everything comes out.”

She concluded, “And I only wish him the best. We’re still great friends. He’s still there for my son, which, to me, is super important. I still consider him family. We’re just now the new modern family.” Well, it does sound like the two have really handled this maturely.

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While her breakup might not be the most dramatic, Adriana’s role as “friend of” on this season of RHOM certainly is. In the trailer, Adriana yelled at fellow housewife Larsa Pippen, “You left this group of women, come back with a butt as big as Kim Kardashian’s, trying to become the new Kim Kardashian, which you’re never going to be.”

Adriana also recently said, “[Larsa] came back, and I was trying to be open and supportive and welcome her back to the group and welcome her back to Miami. I was doing my best, but eventually, her attitude starts to get to me and rub me the wrong way. I want to be embracing of her, but I can’t stand for certain attitudes and disrespect and certain things that don’t sit well with me.”

Aside from her Larsa beef, Adriana is also causing a stir with her flirtations. Mainly with her fellow castmate and newbie, Julia Lemigova. Who just so happens to be the wife of Martina Navratilova. For her part, Julia doesn’t seem to mind, but the next episode teaser hints at some disapproval on Martina’s end. But if anyone knows Adriana, I’m not sure that will be enough to stop her. Not much does, as we will soon see.

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