Kenya Moore Offered To Help Gizelle Bryant Prepare For Reunion; Says ‘You Need To Learn How To Read’

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Everyone knows that Kenya Moore is the Shade Assassin of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. And if you don’t know, you find out pretty quickly. Ramona Singer is probably still recovering from that yacht confrontation on Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip. But in the world of reality TV, there’s always enough shade to go around, and Kenya recently revealed that she’s volunteered to reach across the aisle to lend a helping hand to The Real Housewives Of Potomac’s resident pot-stirrer, Gizelle Bryant. Kenya thinks that after six straight seasons of getting read for filth at reunions, Gizelle needs to step up her game and take some lessons from the Shade Assassin.

As originally reported by Urban Belle Mag, Kenya shared in an Instagram Live that she has offered to volunteer her services to help Gizelle get prepared for her RHOP reunions. During the Instagram Live, a fan asked Kenya why Gizelle doesn’t know how to read her adversaries. Kenya responded, “Gizelle knows I have told her every single reunion, ‘Gizelle, call me first before you do a reunion.’ Does Gizelle call me? Clearly, she doesn’t. I’m like, ‘Gizelle, you are too smart, you are too pretty, and you are the face of RHOP. You cannot sit there and get read down, every single…every single reunion. You cannot be a queen if you’re getting read like that. Stop. You need to learn how to read.’”

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Let’s unpack this. Gizelle does a lot of talking in the confessional chair, and it’s usually hilarious. She’s proven plenty of times that she can go toe-to-toe with Karen Huger. That’s not easy! However, at the reunions, Gizelle does have a track record of sitting there and taking insult after insult, binder page after binder page, without really hitting back. Perhaps seeming unbothered at the reunion is part of her strategy? Either way, it’s very gracious of Kenya to offer to help Gizelle while also showering her in all of those nice compliments.

As much as it seems like Gizelle needs help with her clap-backs, Kenya made it clear that she has never taken her up on the offer. Kenya remarked, “She won’t call me. She won’t take my advice.”

Another fan weighed in, calling Gizelle “messy.” And Kenya jumped in to defend her because, ultimately, Kenya and Gizelle are a lot alike. Kenya said, “I mean, people call me messy too. I mean, come on, it’s a job, right? If we weren’t messy, I read when you guys are like, ‘Oh, Kenya needs to be messy.’ Stop. You can’t win either way.”

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