JoJo Siwa Holds Nothing Back About Her Dating Deal-Breakers and How She Copes With a Break Up


Although the Dance Moms alum didn’t reveal if she plans on being single for a while, her mom, Jessalynn Siwa, chimed in on the qualities she hopes her daughter’s future partner has.

“I need JoJo’s partner to know who Joe is and not try to change her and not try to take away what she’s done,” Jessalynn said. “I need them to just embrace it and live their best life with JoJo.”

The reality TV star agreed with her mom and also revealed what her dating deal-breakers are. Hint: It’s “small things.”

“You must not think drinking milk is weird because I like milk,” JoJo noted. “You must not think ranch is gross because I like ranch. Pickles. We love Pickles, mushrooms.”

She added, “I hate lipstick, but what I realize is that depending on the person, I don’t think I would mind lipstick. I don’t think I would.”

JoJo also expressed that when it comes to watching a movie with her significant other, she’s not one to decide on the film. But here’s the kicker: “Neither are you,” she shared. “It’s a mutually agreed-upon decision.”

As for why that’s a deal-breaker? The teen explained, “One time I was in a relationship, this was my first boyfriend, we sat there, not cuddling, just sat there and watched the movie. And the movie was Avatar, which is four hours long. Never again will I watch a movie that somebody else wants to watch. This is four hours of my life. What could I be doing right now? So many things.”

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