Paris Hilton Says Kathy Hilton “Changes The Subject” Whenever She Brings Up Abuse At Boarding School During Paris’ Teenage Years; Says Kathy Never Watched Her Documentary About Boarding School Abuse

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If you haven’t heard, Paris Hilton is having another major moment in her life. She’s newly married after throwing the party of the year to celebrate her love with Carter Reum. She’s got multiple TV shows about her life, including her cooking skills and road to the altar. And she’s finally free ever since she released a documentary about the abuse she underwent at a boarding school for troubled teens. Paris is sliving her best life these days, and I love a redemption story.

Paris isn’t the only Hilton making it big these days — her mom, Kathy Hilton, is the true star of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She loves to play pranks and sleeps with multiple box fans, bringing some much-needed comic relief to the show. However, ever since watching Paris’ documentary, I’ve wondered what Kathy has to say about Paris’ time in the boarding school that forever changed her life. She’s stayed pretty silent about the whole thing, and apparently, that bothers her superstar daughter.

People reports that during the most recent episode of Paris‘ new show Paris In Love that the heiress got real with her brother Barron Hilton when it came to her trauma. Barron showed his sister plenty of love and support, even though he didn’t know about the alleged abuse until Paris came out to the world about it. Paris continued to talk about the “pure torture camp” where she alleges she was “verbally, physically, emotionally, psychologically abused on a daily basis.” It’s an absolutely horrifying story.

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Paris opened up to her brother about her parents’ reaction to telling her truth since they were ultimately the ones who sent her to Provo Canyon School in the first place. However, she knows they had no idea of the abuse that went on at the time, as they were just trying their best to stop Paris’ wild streak in its tracks. Barron point-blank asked Paris if she felt as though she got closure from her parents, which is when she spoke her truth. “I just feel like they just don’t want to think about it, just like I didn’t want to think about it and didn’t talk about it for 20 years,” Paris said, acknowledging the pain it takes to open up about a situation like that.

Paris went on to reveal that neither Kathy nor Rick Hilton watched her documentary about the abuse. “Every time I bring up Provo, my mom changes the subject,” Paris said. “I know that my parents feel bad and regret sending me to Provo, but I don’t think that they really understand what I went through.”

She added that she didn’t want to upset her mom or hurt her feelings, but she feels as though her folks don’t understand the details of the situation that went on. Kathy also admitted she stopped watching RHOBH after her sisters Kyle Richards and Kim Richards fought in a limo, so it’s likely out of sight, out of mind for her. Even though I cannot even begin to pretend I understand how a mother like Kathy feels after hearing their child go through such a nightmare.

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Barron ultimately suggested that his sister talks to her parents honestly about the situation, even though Kathy likes to keep things light and positive. “I wish we could just one day sit down and have a real conversation. For so long, since I was a teenager, I’ve really been just holding this all in,” Paris said. She believes she won’t feel like she’s fully released her truth until getting closure from her parents.

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