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It isn’t often that someone wears two creative hats like food blogger and screenwriter. It isn’t uncommon to write for film and television while publishing novels, but it’s a brave new world. Mary Kay LaBrie is producing first rate screenplays in an assortment of genres as well as becoming an important force in culinary writing. The latter is a part of entertainment-focused writing that has expanded in an enormous way over the last quarter century, particularly with the proliferation of The Food Channel, cooking shows, and so on.


LaBrie has her own mark to leave, however. Make no mistake – anyone committed to writing five-star scripts for movies and television alongside outstanding cultural writing about food and dining is intent on turning heads. She’s already netted the attention of high-powered producer Jessica Russell (WiseGirlsBoys Klub) and inked a developmental deal with her. This comes after two past options – the heat, once again, is rising on Mary Kay LaBrie’s career and it makes it well worth paying attention.

Other things are afoot. Mary Kay LaBrie has always been a dedicated writer, but she has ramped things up another gear in recent years. Her desire to make an impact is palpable. She wrote The Monongahela Mysteries in 2019 and its combination of comedy and murder mystery will appeal to a wide demographic. She’s followed that up with five scripts during the pandemic, three romantic comedies and two holiday inspired screenplays. It’s a staggering pace, by any measure.


The drive and discipline she shows in building her artistic career is threaded into her life. LaBrie has a master’s degree in management and has over twenty years in the leadership and staff development field. Anyone who can spend two decades and change working in that world is a goal-driven individual, but LaBrie’s added bonus is ferocious creativity.

It is evident as well in her food blogging. LaBrie began writing about culinary matters in 2009 and made an appearance in the World Food Championships. She has likewise placed her recipes in an assortment of cookbooks and Taste of Home and Country Woman magazine. Her hiring with the online publication Menu Innovator, a virtual bible for chefs, has garnered her further attention.


It wouldn’t surprise me if LaBrie branches out even more. There’s a sense of possibility surrounding some creative people that suggests we’ve scarcely scratched the surface of their ability and I consider LaBrie among their number. There are many more food blogs to come. More scripts as well. This is an imaginative force and human being connected to what makes life worth living who will never rest. Someone this committed to expressing herself will soon be on the lips of many film and food lovers. Her clear love for communicating with others who share the same passions will endear her to anyone that’s exposed to her talents. Mary Kay LaBrie is well worth following no matter what road she takes from here. Buckle up, this is going to be a long and wild ride.

Jodi Marxbury

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