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Your music is really thoughtful. How long do you contemplate what the subject matter will be?

Well the way that I write songs is melody first and lyrics last. So a lot of the time I’ll have a melody sitting around for quite a while before I actually think of some good lyrics to fit into it. I always want to write about something that I think is a good topic or is relatable to my life so it can take some time for me to think of what that topic should and how it will fit the melody, but once I come up with that topic things go a little quicker.

Context is everything, do you make sure you are clear with your messaging? How do you do that? 

Yeah, I think for the most part my lyrics are pretty up-front, there’s not a lot of hiding behind symbolism or anything like that because that’s just not really how I write. I like to write about my personal experiences or based off of other stories I enjoy, so most of my songs have very literal meanings.

What music has been worth the wait for as long as you’ve been working on it?

I’m hoping that’s what our next album will be for our listeners! Even though our first album only came out back in May, we’ve been working on it even longer than that, so for me it feels like we’ve been working on it forever! We hope those who liked our first are excited to hear this next one because I think they’ll like one too because we’ve put a lot of hard work into it and we’re very proud of it!

Will your fans be surprised with what you have coming up next?

I think some people might. It’s definitely still at its core the same Modern Amusement sound we’ve been cultivating for a while, but we’ve incorporated some different things on this one, heavier guitars, feedback, harsher vocals. I’m very excited for people to hear this new side of Modern Amusement!

Who have you been in the mix with on your music? 

On our new album we’re working with a few of our favorite collaborators, we have my good friend Sam Kurschner and two brilliant producers Jake Schneider and Vanessa Silberman helping out who have contributed greatly to this project. Without them it wouldn’t be as great as it is and I at least think it’s pretty great!

What are you daring yourself to do as you get further along in your music?

I’m always trying to push myself as a musician to try different sounds I’ve never tried before. With each new project I like to make it a point to do something a bit different from the last one, it’s how I keep myself creatively stimulated!

What are you daring yourself to do as you get further in your career? 

Career-wise I’m getting myself more comfortable with the performance aspect of the music. For me the creation of the songs has always taken priority, sometimes to the point where I was missing the other important aspect of being a musician; live shows! Of course it’s been difficult over the past year or so to play live shows in a safe environment, but as things open up slowly I’ve been able to get out there more and play that role as well.

How do you feel like your work is shaping your fans who are listening? 

I suppose that’s something only our listeners could truly answer correctly, but if I had to say what I hope our music is shaping in our listeners, it would be inspiring them to be themselves and not be ashamed of being in tune with their emotions. Music is my biggest form of expression and I hope that others can feel connected to my songs and become inspired by them, that’s the best thing I could ask for.

Give us all your music! 

All our music is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and all other mainstream music platforms, here’s a link to all Modern Amusement has to offer!


For Press Inquiries: bsquaredmgmt@gmail.com

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