Kyle Richards Admits To Finally Reading Los Angeles Times Article About Erika Jayne’s Financial Problems

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion is bringing a lot to light, especially in the mysterious case of Erika Jayne. We all know by now that Erika and Tom Girardi are being accused of some pretty horrific acts. Namely, Tom allegedly embezzled millions from his clients to put in Erika’s bank account. While Erika claims to have filed for divorce from Tom due to infidelity, his diminishing health, and more, it all looks like a desperate ploy to hold onto whatever assets she possibly can. But she’s doing her best acting to try to convince us otherwise. Especially considering over the past year, the horrific allegations continue to pile up against Tom, as does the figure representing the debt he’s in ($101 million).

There was a lot going on during part one of the RHOBH reunion. But, as pointed out by Queens of Bravo on Instagram, one shocking revelation is that Kyle Richards still hasn’t read the damn Los Angeles Times article surrounding the Erika allegations. Sutton Stracke was able to plow through the article before she even had her first cup of coffee in La Quinta. AND got threats from Erika for doing so. Yet, Kyle’s been complaining for a year that the article is too long. Like, girl, you’re friends with Dorit Kemsley. You’re used to long-windedness.

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However, Kyle hopped on Instagram to set the record straight about whether or not she read the reported allegations against Erika. In a screenshot captured by @commentsofbravo, Kyle says she found the time to read the article in her busy schedule *eye roll*. “Sooo I didn’t read the LA Times article while I was in La Quinta. I read it once I got home and the actual paper was in my driveway. Fact,” Kyle said. Funny how she’s only open about this AFTER filming the reunion. Whatever it takes to keep Miss Pretty Mess on your good side, I suppose.

So many of the ladies have been blindly supporting Erika through this all, aside from Garcelle Beauvais and Sutton. Yet, they didn’t do the bare minimum by reading credible reports of allegations she’s facing. Like, you don’t usually just accidentally get sued for $25 million. But if you ask Erika, she’s the only victim in this situation. No f’s given by Miss Jayne.

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