Kim Richards’ Book Apparently Isn’t Being Released Anymore

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Before Kathy Hilton graced us with her presence on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kim Richards and Kyle Richards were the show’s sisterly duo. And Kathy and Kim are rivaling for who’s the goofiest Richards sister of all time. Both Kim and Kathy are queens of making memorable quotes that are hilarious and one-of-a-kind. And their both have a rocky history with Kyle, albeit Kathy was upset about a TV show. Not Kyle stealing her goddamn house.

And the Richards sisters lore has always been a background plot on RHOBH. But there’s clearly more we don’t know. That’s why I was so excited for Kim to speak her truth in a tell-all book. Kim announced she was writing a book before even telling her sisters about it. It’s been anything but a smooth road —  she’s had issues with her ghostwriter, delays, and cancellations. It seemed like it was finally out of the woods and nearing October 2021 release. But according to an Instagram post from podcast host Zack Peter, it sounds like the book is back on the chopping block. What a shame, what a shame.

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The No Filter With Zack host posted a photo of the publishing company Porchlight Book Company website, where Kim’s book is no longer available. Previously the book, titled “The Whole Truth: The Reality of It All,” was listed. “Looks like Kim Richards’s book has been scrapped indefinitely,” Zack wrote. “I guess we’ll never be getting the whole truth of it all.”

Kim, I don’t care if you publish this book yourself via a Patreon account or post the whole thing with screenshots of the Notes app — I need this publication in my life. I need to know the details of Big Kathy’s methods of raising her daughters. And all the ins and outs of Kim’s trauma with men, addiction, child acting, and her relationship with her sisters. I will pay whatever it takes to get my hands on a copy. The world deserves to hear Kim’s truth, unfiltered and all. Maybe I need to have a piece of bread and calm down — but I’m too invested in this piece of work.

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