Gizelle Bryant Says Real Housewives Of Potomac Cast Take Their Issues “Out On Me” And Jamal Bryant “Is An Easy Target”

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Real Housewives of Potomac star Gizelle Bryant is no stranger to drama. Gizelle has been bickering with Grand Dame Karen Huger since the jump. During the Season 6 premiere of RHOP, the duo fought at Wendy Osefo’s party. Karen insulted Gizelle’s “hot box.” Gizelle dissed Karen’s husband, Ray Huger’s, broken penis. Oof.

Apparently, Karen was furious at Gizelle for a comment that she made years ago. Gizelle remarked that Ray would be “buried six feet under” before her looks faded. Of course, Karen stated that Gizelle wished death on her husband. Even Candiace Dillard knew that Karen was using this for a storyline.

Gizelle and Robyn Dixon tried to discuss the changes in Wendy’s personality since she welcomed her new breasts and her new butt. When Gizelle brought up the rumor that Wendy’s husband, Eddie Osefoallegedly had an affair (and a side baby), Wendy was infuriated.

She went on Twitter and slammed Gizelle, writing, “You just have a history of attacking marriages!” Wendy came for Gizelle again, and this time she dragged Robyn, too. Wendy said, “I think that Gizelle likes to deflect and by deflecting, that means she can ask questions of everyone else because it takes the attention off of her.” You go, girl! “It’s always funny when people talk about a marriage, but they have not successfully been married,” Wendy added.

During Season 5 of RHOP, Gizelle was dating her ex-husband, Pastor Jamal Bryant. To say that her co-stars were unimpressed would be putting it politely. In fact, Jamal came to be known as the man who lived in Gizelle’s phone since none of her cast members ever saw him. Karen even accused Gizelle of having “a whole fake life.”

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The rumors about Gizelle’s man hit a boiling point during the RHOP reunion. First, Karen accused Gizelle of pretending to be back with Jamal to keep her Potomac paycheck. She also accused Jamal of reportedly fatherly a child while he was dating Gizelle.

Then Monique Samuels busted out her binder and claimed that she had proof that Jamal was allegedly with another woman. She even had Jamal’s phone number, which she read out loud. And Jamal’s supposed text messages stated that his relationship with Gizelle was fake. Jamal wasn’t feeling Monique’s binder and he slapped Monique with a cease-and-desist letter.

Gizelle was recently interviewed on In The Know, and she discussed why she is often an easy target for her RHOP co-stars. “Most of the time when people are angry and they’re screaming and they’re yelling and they’re going crazy on me, it’s typically they’re mad because of their issues,” Gizelle explained. They’re taking it out on me and I know that.”

She continued, “Jamal is an easy target. People can say whatever they want about Jamal. I don’t care at all,” Gizelle remarked. “It won’t even faze me in any way, because I know my relationship with this guy.” It is true that because of Jamal’s history of cheating he is an obvious mark.

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“He’s been in my life way before I met any of these people and he will always be in my life. That doesn’t even bother me!” Gizelle revealed. “It’s kinda like, ‘Guys, come up with something else, because that’s too easy of a target.’”

In May of 2021, Gizelle announced that she and Jamal had broken up. She blamed the split on the pandemic and the fact that they lived in different states. Sure, Gizelle.

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