Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s Boat Crash Was More Intense Than We Could’ve Imagined


Colin, who raced back to the ship in a tender, noted in a confessional, “If Gary didn’t know how to start that generator, we wouldn’t have been able to pick up the anchor, Glenn would have no steering and it would’ve been a totally different situation. I think Gary saved our ass.”

After inspecting the stern, Glenn declared it “was a lot better than I was imagining.” To the camera, Glenn noted there could’ve been “a lot more serious damage, like, a season ending kind of damage.”

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the only collision of the episode as, at a different dock, the ship faced a malfunction and full on collided with the wall. Yep, you read that correctly. “I’m f–king going ahead, but I’ve lost it,” Captain Glenn said to himself as his crew shouted at him to slow down. “F–k me. God damn it. F–k.”

The captain addressed the incident with E! News back in February, calling the situation “very serious.”

“It’s just something you want to avoid,” he said at the time. “I’ve avoided it all my career and, of course, now with the cameras rolling it happens.”

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