Real Housewives Of Orange County Star Emily Simpson Got A Facelift

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It’s hardly a novelty for a housewife in Orange County to get plastic surgery, whether she is cast in the original Real Housewives franchise or not.  Plastic surgery was widespread even when the first season of Real Housewives Of Orange County premiered.  It was part of the allure of the show, the sparkling mirage of youth, wealth, success, and glamour.

If a new housewife hasn’t gone under the knife in awhile, it’s just a matter of time before she does.  Take Emily Simpson.  There’s been a lull in her participation in elective surgeries, but she had more important health issues to attend to.  A bad hip limited her mobility and quality of life.  After a much needed hip-replacement, Emily lost weight. She kept up with her kids and exude a more cheerful personality overall.  And after a rough year dealing with coronavirus in her family, a battle that saw her husband Shane Simpson in the hospital, Emily seems ready to treat herself.

It was a two tiered process that started in October of 2020.  At that time, Emily underwent breast implant removal surgery and a reverse tummy tuck.

“For all of you asking: Dr. Siamak Agha did an explant surgery and removed my implants and also did a breast lift,” Emily said of the initial procedure.

It’s not just her body that needed a little nip/tuck.  In an Instagram Q&A with fans in November, Emily revealed that she wanted to add facial plastic surgery to the line up.  And since she was scheduled to return in the spring for the second phase of her transformation, it was easy enough to add the procedure.

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“I do feel that I need a mini lower [face lift because] I would like to have my old jawline back,” Emily explained, “so when I do that you will all know because I will post about it and probably live stream it.”

On April 27th, Emily went under the knife again.  In a series of pictures posted to her Instagram Stories, she revealed that it was, “surgery day.”  Bravo’s The Daily Dish shared the images, including one of Emily in a hospital gown.

“[Dr. Agha] is doing a fat transfer to my breasts ([because] I want fullness but I don’t want an implant),” Emily continued.

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An augmentation is possible without the use of implants. Emily explained, “today is phase two of the process: he is doing a fat transfer to my breasts (bc I want fullness but I don’t want an implant).”

Emily is excited to share the final results, including the lower face lift, which she said was a necessity, “bc I’m 45 and my jawline is gone.”

“Can’t wait to finally heal and show you all the final results of this explant journey (and of course my new jawline),” Emily added.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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