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It was quite the emotional ending on last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Jennifer Aydin’s mother daughter tea party was designed with the best intentions in mind. However, Teresa Giudice couldn’t help but be overcome with grief. Seeing everyone at the tea with their moms was too much for her to bare. It was the sort of visceral scene that Jersey always knows how to deliver.

Despite the sadness from Teresa, some resolution was reached between Jennifer & Margaret Josephs. Whether it stays resolved remains to be seen. There’s hope for the future if they can take the time to LISTEN. Who am I kidding? There’s no chance of that ever happening. This group is destined to spar until the end of time. It would be refreshing to see some new faces in the future though. The dynamic needs to be altered a little. Three on three is getting boring.  

Dolores Catania Real Housewives Of New Jersey

The Turkish Tea party is still in full swing after Teresa’s abrupt exit. My heart shattered for her during that scene last week. It must’ve taken a lot of strength to sit there and be the only one without a living mother. I can’t even imagine how uncomfortable she must have been. I could NEVER do that.

Melissa Gorga thought things would be alright for Teresa because her own mother was there. Dolores Catania thinks it must be difficult to deal with the current life changes without being able to talk to her mom. She has a new man and is raising four girls on her own. That’s a lot to deal with without the support of her mother.

Dolores‘ mom likes David Principe, but Jennifer brings up what the psychic said about the relationship. He’s clearly not her soulmate. This isn’t breaking news. Dolores is visibly pissed about this which could lead to an unexpected feud. I would LIVE for a fight between Jennifer & Dolores. Let’s shake up this damn dynamic.

Dolores is defending her relationship to all of the women. They’re all on top of her about David, and this isn’t the support she’s looking for. The moms might be on her side, but all of the women in the room are firmly against a future with David. I’m with them. It would be ideal if Dolores pulled the plug on that flailing relationship and found a man who will treat her right.

Jennifer’s mother is unhappy with her husband, but she wants to live with him on some level. She’s old school, so it’s embarrassing for it to not be working. She grew up in a very specific old school environment, but s**t happens. Everyone’s questioning her about the state of her marriage, and she wants to know why it’s being turned on her. This Turkish mama is about to UNLEASH on all of these women.

Joe Gorga Real Housewives Of New Jersey

While the women are enjoying their tea, the men meet up for a round of golf. The Jersey men certainly know how to have a good time. If any city deserves a spin-off focused on the husbands, it’s Jersey.

Frank Catania loses a bet during the game, and he’s forced to kiss Joe Gorga’s ass. YUP! That’s something that actually happened. According to Joe, Frank has the softest lips ever, so we know why Dolores keeps him around! He’s good for something I guess! Hmm. Maybe that’s why David is still around too.

After golf, the men go out for drinks and lunch, and they make me want to join them. They always look like they’re having the best time ever. SO MUCH FUN.

Joe Benigno says Margaret always has him working on some renovation at their home. I feel like she’s been working on changes to their home since she joined the show. Her house reminds me a lot of the highway construction here in Florida. It’s always taking place, but you can never notice the difference.

Joe Gorga has to quit with his caveman mentality. The fact that he finds it odd that Melissa wants a career in 2021 is baffling. He refers to it as the “working thing” which shows how out of touch he is. If you can’t accept it, find someone else.

Joe tells the guys about their date night, and how Melissa wore red panties for him. He has such a one track mind. However, Melissa is one of the hottest Housewives EVER, so I don’t blame him for wanting more time with her.

Frank inquires to Joe about the rumor Teresa has a new man. He denies everything at first, but he ultimately admits that she’s definitely seeing someone. Joe says he loves him, and Teresa is acting like a little kid in a candy shop. It’s about time Teresa finds someone who is going to treat her right. Better yet, someone who won’t try and create conflict in her family.

Teresa Giudice Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Teresa links up with Michelle Pais to look at a new home. Michelle comes off like an opportunist, and I don’t want Teresa anywhere near here. Anything will be better than the current monstrosity she’s living in though. It HAS to be the ugliest house across all of the cities. AND YES I am putting Gina Kirschenheiter’s sad and depressing casita above it.

Teresa used to love her previous home, but so much has happened since the first time we met her. A fresh start is the best thing for her and the girls. Selling the house closes the last chapter of her life and opens her up to something new.

Michelle brings up the psychic saying the house process would come along quickly. She also tries to hook Teresa up with a male friend of hers, but sadly Teresa’s already seeing someone else. Despite that, Michelle convinces Teresa to open herself up to meeting this other man. That’s a little weird to do when she’s in a serious relationship with someone else.

Teresa doesn’t really want to meet this friend of Michelle’s. She simply wants to shut her up. Why even waste the time and energy though? Also if all of the girls are going to be present for this, aren’t they going to question what Teresa’s doing. She JUST spilled the beans about her new man, but now she’s going on a date with someone else. Sounds awkward!

Margaret Josephs Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Melissa & Joe have lunch with Margaret & Joe which should be a fabulous time. Joe’s going to find himself in the hot seat though when his sister learns he told the men about her new man. She might as well do an interview with the press at this point because everyone knows now.

Margaret tells Melissa about Frank kissing Joe’s ass, and she’s left dumbfounded and confused. She thinks it’s gross at their age to still be doing it. I can’t argue with that, but the guys make me laugh with their antics. Their playfulness is always on display.

Joe tells everyone that Teresa went straight to the cemetery after fleeing Jennifer’s tea party. Margaret says it’s good she’s dating someone now since Teresa’s madly in love with him. Melissa can’t believe her husband spilled the tea to everyone in such detail. Teresa’s going to KILL him.

Margaret wants to know if Teresa’s having sex with this man. She HAS to be. Nobody willingly consumes that amount of pineapple if they aren’t getting D on the regular. Good for her though! The garage is open for business once again.

Dolores Catania Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Dolores is going in for her biopsy results which could be a major turning point in her life. Even though she has all of this going on, she can’t help but think about her friends. Their lack of support regarding her relationship seems to finally be getting to her. She’s content with where she’s at in her life, but everyone’s constantly making comments.

Melissa can’t believe she and Joe are going to Michelle’s home after the drama with her husband. It’s as if she and Joe wanted this shut down as quickly as possible. I don’t buy the act about Melissa wanting to be friends with Michelle though. That’s a crock of s**t.

Dolores tells her family about her biopsy results, and she DOES NOT have cancer. She was petrified about the idea of having breast cancer, so this is a big weight off of her. The outcome could’ve been so much worse. Hopefully she doesn’t wait as long to get her mammogram next time. Being checked regularly could be the difference between life and death.

Teresa Giudice Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Michelle’s blindsided by Margaret’s revelation that Teresa’s madly in love. Well, that’s AWKWARD. As they’re talking about this, Teresa shows up and overhears EVERYTHING. She finds out Joe told all of the men she’s in love, and now she is pissed. She wants Joe to keep his mouth shut about her personal life. These two always make progress and then fly a millions steps backwards. Sigh.

Joe sweet talks to Teresa by telling her how beautiful she looks. She wants to kill her brother right now. She’s gone through great lengths to keep this relationship quiet, but there’s no going back now. Everyone knows about it now.

Jennifer shows up and immediately wants to take shots. REMEMBER WHEN LAST WEEK SHE WASN’T A BIG DRINKER? I can’t stop laughing.

The man Michelle’s trying to set Teresa up with arrives to the party, and it’s so cringe. Teresa’s trying not to even look in his direction. She’s going out of her way to avoid speaking to him. Teresa says he “sleeps” too much for her liking. WHAT?

Melissa says David bought Dolores a lavish gift to buy some time. Nobody thinks he’s ever going to propose to her. If they keep talking s**t about her love life, she’s going to explode. She’s only going to go to so many events and listen to her relationship get dragged before she FREAKS. It’s coming. It’s been a slow build, but it’s coming.

EVERYONE is standing around gossiping about Dolores getting a Porsche for a gift instead of a ring. They have to stop talking about it. She just showed up to the party, and it won’t be long before she hears them. Patterson Dolores might make an appearance tonight.

Teresa’s dipping out of Michelle’s event early, and it’s obvious she’s meeting up with her boyfriend. This is the most Ramona Singer thing Teresa’s ever done. We love a Housewife who stays double booked in one evening!

Dolores Catania Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Dolores feels for Teresa because she finds this group to be judgmental. She starts talking about David in front of the group, and Joe starts mocking her. Mr. Gorga, this is territory you don’t want to find yourself in.

Dolores comes at Joe for coming after his wife for walking ahead of him to the car. BOOM. Don’t piss off Dolores. She’s coming with straight facts right now. Joe is being far too harsh for no reason.

To my surprise Jennifer sides with Joe about his thoughts on the relationship. She says Bill Aydin is a doctor, and he still makes time for her. Even though I don’t buy this relationship, everyone is coming too hot at Dolores right now. They’re all blindsiding her.

Joe calls Dolores a broke woman and says Frank ruined her. Holy f**k. He’s crossing a million lines right now. All of the comments he’s making feel low key geared toward Melissa. Jackie Goldschneider thinks the same. She believes Melissa is being delivered a message by her husband right now.

Margaret calls out Joe for being chauvinistic which is CORRECT. It’s about time someone called him out for his archaic behavior. This is escalating so quickly for no reason. Everyone’s been talking behind her back, and she’s had enough. Dolores tells them all to f**k themselves, and they all deserve it.


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