Mila Kunis Admits She Told Ashton Kutcher Not to Invest in Uber or Bitcoin a Decade Ago


“Second time, he sat me down and was like, ‘Hey, Babe, I got to explain this thing to you, tell me if I’m crazy,'” Mila went on. “He’s like, ‘There’s this thing, it’s like mining for money. It’s called cryptocurrency, and there’s this company’—this is eight-plus years ago—’it’s called Bitcoin.'”

The Black Swan performer said she was concerned at the time that cryptocurrency wasn’t FDIC-insured, although her husband tried to convince her that was the point. 

“And I was like, ‘Well, I think this is a horrible idea,'” Mila continued to Stephen. “And he went, ‘Cool, we’re investing in it.’ So he didn’t listen to me. I mean, this happens all the time.” 

Sure enough, Ashton was an early investor in Uber, in addition to having been a ground-floor supporter of cryptocurrency. So clearly he’s listening to the right people, even if that doesn’t always mean, uh, his partner. 

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