AV Super Sunshine – “A Wedding Song”

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AV Super Sunshine truly lives up to their name with the release of their painfully sweet “A Wedding Song”. A song that acts as a way-back machine for the singer/songwriter that sees him transcribe his flowing nostalgia from his 2017 wedding to his partner Philomena into an incredibly sweet musical experience. Part of the ambitions of the song was that AV wanted to create a universal wedding song not just applicable to those who have been married, but to the bleeding hearts who are still waiting for that beautiful day.

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While I think the song certainly has the staying power to be some people’s aisle songs (a BIG accomplishment for any song about weddings), I could see this acting more as a song for many people’s receptions and it fits given the songs melodic breezy celebratory sounds. It’s not a particularly complex song, and that’s most likely by design, and while the chorus line of “I wish I could be at our wedding on our wedding day” is admittedly, a little clunky, you kind of acclimate to it given just how sincere it is. Sonically, it’s really reminiscent of a REM song or even something like an ELO b-side, and it does have a certain roughness to it that makes it very charming.

The production sounds primarily electronic, but I wouldn’t be shocked if the guitar was definitely acoustically performed and polished in post. It’s also a true testament to some solid structure that the song doesn’t overstay its welcome when clocking in at nearly 4 minutes. It’s a kind of song that irradiates a lot of positive energy and in a time where in the last year, couple breakups and divorces have been on the rise, having an earnest piece of music really try to make you feel a love that even those who have been married might have taken for granted is really a beautiful notion to behold. I do wish there was a little more complexity in terms of its lyrics, more so exploring the perspectives of both the bride and groom (or whatever variation one subscribes to) because days like these as pivotal as they are, are often fought with challenges internally to overcome sharing one’s life. But, I guess this is more of a look at the results of a life filled with love with someone as AV does for his Philomena.

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That sense of content is all over the song, from the more slow dance-appropriate tempo to even the way how the song doesn’t quite have a climax or a real sense of escalation, but it’s not meant to be. There’s a lot less love in the world, and being able to envision the point in your life where you’ll truly feel a part of someone feels like something to many that may not happen, but it’s songs like this that give the lovers and the dreamers hope. Hope to relive what you had, remember what you have, and imagine what’s coming one day down the aisle.

Jodi Marxbury

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