Emodulari Releases New Single

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If someone told you that there is a legitimate procedure, in which a person had brain surgery performed on them, while playing an instrument, would you believe them? Well, you should, and that someone is quite possibly, the New York based act, Emodulari. On their new single, “Craniotomy,” they tell the story of a guitarist, who plays their guitar during brain surgery, to achieve platinum ability.  It might sound a little farfetched to the casual listener, but Emodulari’s commitment and enthusiasm make the performance rather unforgettable. Aside from the concept being rather mind blowing, no pun intended, “Craniotomy” will garner a reaction from virtually anyone who hears it.

URL: https://www.emodulari.com/

Once we’re in the brain/there is no pain/there is no pain, is one of the more key lines to “Craniotomy.” It’s an intensely tranquil, and psychologically submissive thought. To stimulate your cortex/in your skull/we’ll drill a hole, takes thing to another visually visceral level. These lines are delivered in a quasi-sinister/ominous tone, but you don’t get the feeling that Emodulari maintain a permanent residence in the dark. It comes across more as posturing, but engaging.

Emodulari describes themselves as Indie Rock, with a social conscience. We know they are based out of New York, and that they have a distinctive aesthetic. The singer looks like a cross between Noah and Kris Kringle, and seems to give the band a major part of its identity. They look perspicacious, socially awkward, and smart. This is not music that is designed to Ascend to the top of the billboard hot 100, but at the same time, never say never.

The production on “Craniotomy” is raw, and it sounds like there could be a little more balance between the drums and the guitars. As the song, progresses, these issues seem to be resolved. It straddles the line of being marginally obscure, but the zeal and zany way it’s delivered, makes the track an enjoyable listen. The lines and the David Byrne by way of Serj Tankian, way that they are administered, are likely to get stuck in your head. It’s a novel piece, but the musicality is certifiable.

“Craniotomy” is off of the LP, Damnatio Memoraie. Emodulari seem to have absolutely no interest in compromising. In an industry that is becoming increasingly self-guided, it is probably the best time, to be uncompromising. They are likely to appeal to the same fan base of a band like, Coheed And Cambria. Emodulari is the type of outfit, that kind of inspires its own subculture, whilst their music is a reflection of our very real world.

APPLE MUSIC: https://music.apple.com/us/album/craniotomy-single/1478161384

“Craniotomy” is for the ambitious music lover. It runs the risk of going over people’s heads, but I believe it has intellectual and educational value. It’s also a fun song, that has a wacky surface, but a cerebral foundation. You will hear things in Emodulari’s music, that might even be slightly derivative, but in a delightful way. Once they’re in your brain, there is no more pain.

Jodi Marxbury

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