Meghan Edmonds Says Her Divorce From Jim Edmonds Is Delayed Because “Covid Courts Won’t Even Let Me Get Divorced”

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Meghan Edmonds Says Her Divorce From Jim Edmonds Is Delayed; Says “Covid Courts Won’t Even Let Me Get Divorced”

Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan Edmonds (now Meghan King) has had a tumultuous couple of years. In 2019, Meghan’s husband of five years, dad jeans enthusiast Jim Edmonds, was involved in a sexting scandal. Jim, it turns out, was also allegedly enthusiastic about nannies. RHOC alum Meghan accused him of cheating with their former nanny, Carly Wilson. Jim denied the accusations. Sure, Jim.

The couple split and embarked on a bitter custody battle over their three children: daughter Aspen and twin sons, Hart and Hayes. Meghan revealed that Hart was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy in a blog post. Unfortunately, she forgot to tell Jim about the diagnosis first.

When Jim contracted coronavirus in April, Meghan shaded him for previously partying in Nashville with his daughter, Hayley Edmonds, and new girlfriend, Kortnie O’Connor. Then, Meghan turned up with her own case of Covid-19 in November. Awkward! Hayley and Jim criticized Meghan for coming to their house and hugging the children after she was exposed. Yikes!

Meghan and her boyfriend, Christian Schauf, broke up in early December after six months of dating. Supposedly, Christian “couldn’t take all the social media and public attention.” Fun fact: some of Christian’s female friends who were familiar with Meghan’s stint on RHOC advised him not to date her.

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US Weekly reported that Meghan opened up about her resolutions for 2021 in her January 7th blog. “I wanted to come here to write a blog about my expectations for the new year but that feels so passé, so empty, so ‘last year.’ Goals for the year don’t work anymore because now we know those goals can be stolen from us just. like. that,” she wrote.

Meghan discussed the trauma that everyone feels from the weight of the quarantine and coronavirus pandemic. “This must be what hell is like,” she wrote. I am pretty sure that is the way that she feels about her marriage to Jim, too.  Meghan continued, “Back to 2020 goals, looking back mine were pretty lofty. *Insert sarcasm and keep reading.* My main one was to get divorced but here I am married as ever. Dude, Covid courts won’t even let me get divorced,” the former Orange County Housewife wrote. “I feel like that pretty much sums up 2020: I can’t even accomplish the shittiest thing on my list.”

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Meghan also learned some lessons from her marriage to Jim. “Here I am, 2021 in full swing, and my organized-as-hell self hasn’t even written down one goal,” she stated. “I feel so dejected by 2020 that I became apathetic about 2021. I found out after my failed marriage that dejection and apathy are best friends.”

The podcast host then listed her 2021 resolutions. “Here’s my new goals: listen to my intuition more, stop planning so rigidly, live my life out loud, and use less punctuation (this one’s not going well so far). Life is short but a lifetime is long,” she commented. Meghan, who posted that she is the “biggest hopeless romantic,” has already started dating again. Hopefully she can avoid men who love dad jeans, nannies, and sexting other women.

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