Alex VanTrue teams up with James Fairchild for “Replay”

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Just as memories can last a lifetime, so can the baggage we carry them. In the new song “Replay” from singer Alex VanTrue, with lyrics by James Fairchild, the listener is immersed in the song’s yearning and regret. Besides the interesting twist of sung from a male perspective, the loss of a child is nearly unbearable to discuss. In “Replay” the opportunity to bring to light thoughts and feelings from such a painful moment – well, it’s a song that’s taken a lifetime to create. “Replay” is a personal victory for both VanTrue and Fairchild.

Portugal’s VanTrue sounds like a rock god when he sings. It makes even more sense when you learn that his other gig is performing in one of Europe’s biggest Queen tribute bands, One Vision: A Queen Tribute. He brings that larger-than-life stage presence to “Replay”. What might be a very inward, personal journey, becomes out-in-the-open to be discussed. VanTrue might not have written the book, but he’s the best spokesman for the words. I think in his own way, because he has such a front man persona, rock star vibe, his sensitivity is all the more felt. The listener dangles between the extended, anthemic vocals to the pressing, revelation. I envisioned VanTrue as the type that is always on the go, a troubadour, and this song centers him and slows his world. Just as yoga relaxes and centers the mind, “Replay”, is an almost meditative measure. It qualifies as a moving song, yes, but it’s also prone to transporting the listener to a deeper level of appreciation.

The music bed to “Replay” bends between a roaring acoustic jumble and a smooth, melodic rock bed. VanTrue’s natural melodies, cast a wide net. The listener feels blanketed, like a sky full of stars, by his presence. As the song continues, with the raw, emotional lyrics about losing an unborn child, it’s not the entertaining song you might hear on the radio. I say that with a heavy sigh. “Replay” is very much a song that needs to be shared, way out in the open. I think Fairchild’s way of protecting himself was to keep this buried, and having the courage to release the words, he can help others dealing with depression and grief. I can’t replay what’s been taken away, he sings, his voice drifting the listener to the clutches of time. I was lost in the story, which has the makings of a movie or book, and the way VanTrue sings, it’s as if the story were unfolding before your very eyes. Why is that humans turn to art to feel new emotions or connect with someone who has that same experience? Because it makes us feel less alone.

I think the comfort in this song is the synergy between VanTrue and Fairchild’s story. So much is shared and so much pain rises to the top – VanTrue captures it all. His voice is one of indie music’s most treasured. All signs point to yes that “Replay” is one of 2020’s most moving songs.

Jodi Marxbury

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