More Than Words’ “Christmas Time For Everyone”

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More Than Words’ “Christmas Time For Everyone” encompasses all the joy the holiday season brings. Song. Family. Love. It’s like the cozy song you would sing around the fireplace, the excitement of Saint Nick’s departure imminent. More Than Words, a family trio from Germany, sing this charmer in English and it’s one of the many gifts to behold this Christmas season. A little twang, lots of love and sing along lyrics – what could be better.


Some of the key lines in “Christmas Time For Everyone” that standout include it’s been a long and wild, crazy year, the world’s been filled with hate and fear, we keep holding onto me and you, and all the troubles that were keeping us awake will fade away. The female voices sing most of the song, with the male voice coming into the scene midway through the song. I loved how they address the elephant in the room – the year that is 2020. They bring it too light, but they create solutions, not problems. It’s such a warm and joyful song, you can’t be let down.

The chorus, just as delightful and easy to embrace, it’s Santa’s night, it’s Christmas time…it’s presents by the Christmas tree, it’s singing songs with my family. Like every great holiday tune, it got me smiling and tattooed itself into my brain.

The underlying music is wrapped with country pop textures and pitter-patter percussion. I sensed a plucking sound, almost a banjo, but I don’t think it is one. The harmonies of the three – Stephanie Hertel, along with her husband Lanny Lanner and their daughter Johanna Mross, is something special. Only these melodies and harmonic displays can be created by blending blood lines. It’s sweet and wholesome sounding. You can tell when they sing they live these words, they aren’t just singing to be singing. It’s authentic. The three of them individually could easily sing lead and, when their voices hand off the baton to the next, it’s wonderful. When they blend, it’s magical. The country tones, coupled with the family harmonies and it’s a revolving, tinsel-laded gift. This song takes the Christmas establishment and heightens its presence.

When you the think the jaunty, walkalong-like song is just going to be a run-of-the mill country/pop/holiday tune, adding in Lanner’s voice and the up tempo creates a different tone altogether. I appreciated the switch, and while the voices do all blend together very well, the overall song is quite loving. Where other holiday songs aim for sentimentality, “Christmas Time For Everyone” looks to the now and to the future. The song doesn’t wallow in the mire, in the muck of melancholy. It’s sprite and spirited like Christmas morning. I’m not sure that I would feel the same way if this song were just three voices, but the fact that they are family makes it feel much more special, much more genuine. “Christmas Time For Everyone” is like peaking in on a family’s Christmas holiday – come on in, and join the fun.

Jodi Marxbury

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