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Hi Joey! Thank you for being here!

Thanks for having me!

Share your latest release with our readers and the story behind the creation!

My current single “You Know My Name” is a gritty little tune about an unequal relationship where one person is much more into being a couple than the other!

I think we’ve all gone through that one-sided relationship at least once LOL.

I really like the song because it has a steady build from the first note until the last and cooks all the way through.

I have my dear friend and musical genius Randall Bramblett on B3 organ as a featured guest and another dear friend, Charlie Hoskyns, featured on bass guitar. Charlie was part of the UK band the Popes and passed away suddenly in 2017, so I am always filled with gratitude whenever I hear this track because it reminds me how privileged I am to have known Charlie and how lucky I am to keep his music alive in my small way.

“You Know My Name” has something for everyone if you love rock and blues. We have lots of guitars, bass and drums along with the B3 and even a Memphis sounding horn section!

“You Know My Name” is part of the “One Song At A Time” campaign I launched back in March of 2020 when I decided to release a new song each month until the end of the year.

What are you listening for when you are listening to new music?

 Let me say that I love music of all genres and in a perfect world, I think radio would just play great music all day long all mixed up—from classical to rock to jazz and beyond. However, that isn’t the way we have to do things in the real world. I listen to a lot of different styles and sounds through each day. Partly my eclecticism comes from my love of music in any form and partly it comes from a necessity. As a producer and recording engineer that works with artists from multiple backgrounds and disciplines, I have to know what’s out there so when they say “have you ever heard the music of… “ I can most of the time say yes and understand what they are going for.

But I am really excited by music with a great rhythmic base and strong melody and talented musicians. However, those things aren’t a prerequisite for me to enjoy music. As long as the music is heartfelt and communicates, I like it!

What music played in your home while growing up? Does it influence your music now?

Funny story—As a blind person, I knew there was a knob on the radio that turned the music up and down, but until I was about 7 or so, I didn’t know you could also change the channel! Somehow, and I am not saying this was a plot LOL, but my folks didn’t tell me that one could listen to music other than country or classical LOL.

So my early musical exposure came from classic country like Hank Williams, Sr, the Statler Brothers from my Dad and classical or hymns from my Mom.

Later, I learned about the rock stations and it was actually my Mom that bought me my first real album of the Beatles. Of course by the time I had my first Beatles record, they had been broken up for a decade or so, but that record still changed my life and I would say that while I don’t sound like any of that early music that was in my home, my love of lots of different kinds of music comes from my folks and also I don’t think any modern musician can not be influenced by the Beatles!

What is the hardest aspect of songwriting?

Knowing when you are done! I think that every writer has the inclination to keep fiddling with their creation trying to perfect it. Sometimes, you can perfect the soul right out of art, so you have to find that line between perfection and humanity!

Is there anything you wish you could re-do in your career? 

I am sure if I thought about it I could find several things I wish I had done differently, but you can’t go back and second guess yourself. Learn from your mistakes and realize that you are where you are and use that hard earned wisdom to your advantage.

 What keeps you going?

The desire to leave the world a little better than I found it! To create something good! To learn and live a life of worth and intention! To spend time with the amazing people I love and who love me! To become more than I am!

Which platforms are you most active on and how do our readers stay connected?

LOL I am everywhere, so enjoy the plethora of links below LOL!

Links to “You Know My Name”:

Amazon Music: Know My Name Ft. Randall Bramblett

Apple Music:You Know My Name Feat. Randall Bramblett











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