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What a blindside Denise Richards got on last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She was not ready for that Brandi Glanville bombshell. Neither was I quite frankly. Teddi Mellencamp went full bone carrier to deliver the news to everyone that Brandi said she and Denise had sex. However, Denise totally lost it and shouted “Bravo” repeatedly and told them not to use that footage. Honey, it doesn’t work like that.

In addition to the always-present Denise drama, some of the other women have some issues brewing. Don’t they always! Dorit Kemsley just about lost it last week when Kyle Richards kept interrupting her. She was trying to make a point about the Denise and Teddi situation, but Kyle couldn’t keep her mouth shut. These two have had squabbles all season, and, hopefully, they talk it out soon.

Denise Richards Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

We start off 30 minutes after dinner, and everyone is in their respective corners. Lisa Rinna, Sutton Stracke, Erika Jayne, Kyle, and Teddi are in one room. Garcelle Beauvais, Denise, and Dorit in the other. Garcelle asks Denise straight up if Brandi can provide texts of this happening. Denise denies it (some foreshadowing here huh?).

Denise looks so guilty at this point. She might as well just come out and say it. She’s not even remotely a good liar. It’s not a big deal that they hooked up. However, a pattern of her not being honest is what’s emerging.

Sutton has custom rain boots made for everyone in the group. I love how rich she is. There are a ton of items I’d love her to arrange for my closet if she ever reads this. Sutton, please make me look amazing.

Dorit feels like Kyle treats her differently than she treats the other women. This leads to her giving Kyle the silent treatment the night of the dinner. Kyle really does have a double standard when it comes to Dorit and Teddi specifically. She should just let Dorit talk and shut the f**k up.

Denise Richards Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Denise and Rinna meet to discuss the drama that went down the night before. Denise is pissed that Rinna let her go the entire day without cluing her in on the information. She even feels like Rinna was egging Teddi on. I actually totally get where Denise is coming from here. They’ve been friends for two decades, and Rinna should’ve had her back period.

However, can you really blame Rinna for wanting to be cautious about this? She got WRECKED back in season 6 when she repeated the Munchhausen stuff about Yolanda Hadid. I highly doubt she wants to go through that again. That could very well be her motivation for keeping her big lips shut all day in Rome.

Rinna asks Denise if she’s talked to Brandi, but she vehemently says no. That part doesn’t make any sense though when she says Brandi has said things behind the group’s back. Her story is shifting more than the tectonic plates of the San Andreas fault. If she doesn’t get her story together quick, she wont be able to handle the earthquake that’ll strike.

Dorit Kemsley Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

I’ll never get tired of hearing Dorit speak Italian. It’s so pleasing to my ears. She’s totally in her element in a place like Rome. PLUS HER OUTFITS. She’s shelling out some glamorous looks for this trip. Keep it coming.

Dorit feels like Kyle takes advantage of the friendship because she knows Dorit will forgive. I can see that. Plus, in the moment Kyle was suddenly pretending to be Team Denise. What even was that? Dorit is way closer to Denise than Kyle will ever be. If Kyle truly cared about what Denise had to deal with, she would’ve given her a heads up prior.

Dorit’s feelings about Kyle go way deeper than the recent rifts. It goes back to the reunion last year year and Kyle defending Teddi’s involvement in PuppyGate. Teddi was blatantly lying, but Kyle insisted on giving her a pass? Why? What’s so special about Teddi that she gets preferential treatment always?

I CANNOT BELIEVE KYLE ACTUALLY BROUGHT UP THE JOANNA KRUPA LAWSUIT ON CAMERA. I love it, but I’m a little taken aback. Kyle said she had to admit under oath that she didn’t think Brandi was a liar. As a result of that, Kyle was dismissed as a witness.

Regardless of what Kyle says, Dorit thinks maybe Brandi is doing this for attention. Brandi definitely says certain thins for shock value, but this just doesn’t feel like a lie. It feels more like a woman who feels hurt or betrayed in some way. How can you watch her tell the story at Kyle’s house and not believe her?

Erika Jayne Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Garcelle and Denise have such an effortless friendship that goes way back. Seeing their friendship makes Denise’s friendship with Rinna look like total crap. Even though I’m not really Team Denise on this side, I think she needs to ditch Rinna as a friend. She doesn’t really have her best interests in mind whatsoever. Cut her out, and be free.

Erika, Garcelle, Rinna, and Denise go on Ferrari rides, and I just want to be there. I just want to touch one. I just want to be NEAR a Ferrari. My poor Chevy Cruze isn’t looking so hot next to these cars. It gets me places, but it doesn’t have the cool factor that those have. Why can’t I be rich? I need to start a GoFundMe for a Ferarri. Someone please donate to my desperate cause!

Sutton Stracke Dorit Kemsley Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

THE POWER that Sutton has to have private shopping at Dolce & Gabbana. She doesn’t even have to ask. Can I be like Sutton when I grow up? I want to be a fraction of the kind of rich that she is. It’s high key everything.

Dorit wonders if Sutton is trying to buy her friendship with so many gifts. Unlike Dorit, Sutton doesn’t really go around flashing her money and vomiting labels. She doesn’t need to. Money talks and wealth whispers!

The other two ladies fight over who gets to wear the crown, but Sutton doesn’t need to. She has an endless supply of Tiara’s. She needs her diamond ASAP. How does Teddi have a diamond, but Sutton is stuck in a friend role? It’s injustice!

Erika Jayne Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Have I told you all how much I love Garcelle? She’s such a refreshing breath of air for this show. Garcelle has a maturity and sense of grounding that these other women don’t have. She’s able to hash things out as an adult, and move on. These other women drag things out for years and years it seems. Why can’t everyone be like Garcelle?

Erika says Tom Girardi is the real diva of their relationship. If we ever actually saw Tom, I’d be able to judge that. However, we never really see anything about Erika’s family. That’s actually kind of bulls**t. Show your life or leave. It’s really that simple.

I think Denise is wrong trying to get them to edit things out, but I also feel like it’s wrong people like Erika leave stuff out too. It’s not fair to people that do share it all.

Denise says she finds that many of the women in the group want chaos. She brings up a great point about how hard it is to get your point across when people always cut you off. This brings the topic to Erika’s issue with Aaron Phypers. Are they actually going to hash this out once and for all?

Erika feels like husbands getting involved adds a whole new layer to the drama. She thinks maybe Aaron thinks he was just protecting his wife, but his time and tone were off. Denise apologizes on Aaron’s behalf. This is the most mature conversation we’ve ever had about this subject.

I love hearing them be able to have a real conversation about this. However, I cannot shake the feeling like she’s only addressing this now to distract from the Brandi stuff. It feels like that a little bit. Whether or not that is true, it’s good that at least one issue is seemingly squashed on this Italian trip from hell.

Lisa Rinna Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

All of the women are serving FIRE looks heading into dinner. Teddi is also there. Kyle and Dorit made up earlier that day, but Dorit being late because of glam might mess that up. Honestly, I’d let Dorit be as late as she wants if she is going to look that good.

Denise feels uncomfortable heading into this dinner, which is understandable. Every time she’s in a group setting, she’s attacked by this women. They may have legitimate issues with her, but it’s a little relentless. I’d hate filming with them too. Given this group’s history, this dinner won’t be any different.

At dinner the topic of Rinna’s Instagram dancing comes up, and Garcelle makes a gross remark. Bringing up the body issues of her daughter about why Rinna shouldn’t do that is annoying. The comment felt totally out of left field coming from Garcelle. She’s better than that. At least say it to Rinna’s face.

Erika acknowledges her open and honest conversation with Denise about Aaron. Teddi calls BS on it, which isn’t a shock. She loathes Aaron and has a major target on Denise. Although in her confessional Denise says Aaron won’t give them a apology after what happened in Rome. That right there makes me think she is only discussing this to distract from the Brandi stuff.

Garcelle wishes Denise would defend herself better with the women coming at her. I wish she would too. Screaming the name of the network isn’t the way to go about things.

Denise brings up talking to Brandi before the party at Kyle’s which contradicts herself from the night before. Denise implies that Brandi said she slept with either Rinna or Kyle, and Rinna totally loses it. Obviously, Denise is just deflecting at this point, and it’s sad to watch. Rinna wants it SHUT DOWN, and we are to be continued.

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