Jax Taylor & Brittany Cartwright Lose Sponsorship Deal With Eyewear Company In Response To Backlash Over Alleged Racially Insensitive Behavior

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The domino effect has been in full force for the cast members of Vanderpump Rules. Two OG’s from the show, Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute, were recently let go for calling the cops on former cast member Faith Stowers and accusing her of theft back in 2018. Then, newbies Max Boyens and Brett Caprioni were let go from the show for racist comments they made on social media. 

Fans have been calling for Jax Taylor to get the boot next for several reasons. Last season, Jax consistently made snide remarks about Ariana Madix’s sexuality. He and Brittany Cartwright also played dumb to knowing about their wedding pastor’s alleged homophobic views. Jax also accused Faith of grand theft auto and said she was wanted by the police. Bravo might not have kicked him to the curb yet, but it looks like another company might have.

The Blast reported that the Instagram account @canceljaxtaylor shared the alleged bombshell that “DIFF Eyewear told a fan they have suspended their partnership with Jax and Brittany.” Does anyone else find it hilarious that an eyewear company wanted to partner with Jax in the first place? The man literally went to jail for stealing a pair sunglasses!

Apparently, Jax and Brittany have been working with DIFF Eyewear “over the past couple of years.” They also have been promoting their products over social media. And Brittany worked with them directly on a “charitable designer line.” I have no doubt the color pallet of her sunglass frames only included bright orange, inspired by her alma mater, Hooters. 

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The fan also reached out to the company directly to confirm if they really had “cut ties” with Jax and Brittany. A rep reportedly responded via Instagram. They wrote, “Hi! Thank you so much for reaching out. Feedback like this is what keeps us learning and growing as a brand. We are investigating the situation and have suspended our partnership.”

The statement continued, “As we move forward, we will continue to strive for a more diverse community of partners that uphold the mission of making a positive difference in this world. Again, thank you for reaching out. Please feel free to continue to voice your concerns with us. Love, DIFF.”

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I know the cast likes to spin the narrative that Brittany is like Mary Poppins and is practically perfect in every way, but this is what you get when you hitch your wagon to a guy like Jax. Jax is going to get what he has coming to him and Brittany will be going along for the ride. I guess they should consider themselves lucky they still have their spots on Pump Rules. At least for now.

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[Photo Credit: Gustavo Caballero/Bravo] 

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