Piers Morgan thinks he knows more about gender identity than renowned trans activist Munroe Bergdorf. Yes, really

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Piers Morgan (L) has called Munroe Bergdorf’s comments ‘gobbledygook’. (HGL/GC Images via Getty/Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage)

In the Piers Morgan playbook, dealing with people who know a resounding amount more than you do is simple.

Call the totally valid point they just said “gobbledygook”.

After suffering a stinging defeat when thousands of Good Morning Britain viewers called for the host to resign due to his anti-LGBT+ comments, Morgan has continued his tirade by aiming fire at trans activist Munroe Bergdorf.

‘Ringleader penguin’ Piers Morgan attempts to lecture trans activist on gender identity.

The model tweeted about how gender identity is “who you are, not how you look” back in April.

“Clothes and presentation are not for the benefit of anything else other than the wearer,” she continued.

“Upholding binary gender ideals as mandatory to one’s gender identity hurts us all, but especially gender non-conforming and non-binary people.”

Bergdorf, 32, has repeatedly bore the brunt of transphobia as a public figure, battling stigma and often smoothly schooling transphobes.

Morgan is no exception.

When the 54-year-old encountered Bergdorf’s tweet seven months down the line, he lit into it: “This is total gobbledygook.

“And I say that with great respect, as a non-confirming two-spirit penguin.”

The sharp barb is one regularly shot out by Morgan since its debut earlier this year.

During a debate about a BBC film that said there are more than 100 genders, Morgan announced he now identifies as a “two-spirit penguin”, in reference to a story about a gender-neutral baby penguin being raised by a lesbian penguin couple at the London Aquarium.

The term stuck, and Morgan has regularly referenced it, capturing his turbulent relationship with the trans community.

Munroe Bergdorf calmly calls on Piers Morgan to ‘exercise  empathy’.

Many LGBT+ advocates have been rattled by Morgan’s remarks, which are televised to millions of UK homes as well as blasted to his early seven million followers.

Bergdorf responded: “I often wonder, Piers Morgan, that if one of your kids came out as non-binary or trans.

“Would you still insist on behaving like such an insensitive, entitled, antagonising, hate ringleader penguin?

“Or would you perhaps exercise some empathy and try to be an understanding human being?”

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