Dr. Chuck Bamford’s new book – The Strategy Mindset 2.0


Few books set out to accomplish what Dr. Chuck Bamford does with The Strategy Mindset 2.0: A Practical Guide to the Design and Implementation of Strategy. Bamford brings the right credentials to the table to rate as author of a seminal work. He has a quarter century worth of experience working with a wide variety of organizations, written five textbooks on the subject of business strategy, a plethora of related research articles, and has an award winning educational résumé as a faculty member with lauded institutions such as Tulane, North Dame, and Duke Universities, to name a few.

MORE INFO: https://bamfordassociates.com/

Bamford wants to communicate a vision of business strategy for readers that eschews neat summations, delves deep into the heart of what constitutes effective strategy, and supports its ideas with broad-based research illustrating the wisdom of its approach. He has an understanding of the subject reaching beyond casual or shallow analysis and has a genuine passion for sharing it with readers.

That sense of purpose separates this text from other books of its type. Bamford’s long career has given him the vantage point for noting what works and what doesn’t . He doesn’t waste reader’s time with dead-end approaches and the book often disabuses us of long held clichés and notions we harbor about what makes for effective strategy in the modern world. He blows up ideas like our workforce is the company’s strength, product life dictates strategic vision, and other time-tested crutches inhibiting potential growth. Many of those in leadership positions who read this book will finish it with their eyes open like never before.

He doesn’t make claims without backing them up. The Strategic Mindset percolates with well reasoned positions, logic, and evidence based conclusions. He doesn’t rely on a bevy of diagrams and illustrations to make his points alone, but The Strategic Mindset has the right amount of those devices and they are chosen with an eye towards illuminating ideas rather than filling space in lieu of writing more. In the end, Bamford’s voice dominates the book.

He writes from a position of authority and experience without ever lording those qualities over readers. The prose of this book has few wasted words and moves from one subject to the next in a clear and concise way. Bamford never lingers too long on any given point; he has no self-indulgent drive to set himself apart from others. As before, his desire to communicate the clearest possible vision for what makes successful strategy and his love for process is the engine pushing this book onward.

PURCHASE LINK: https://www.amazon.com/Strategy-Mindset-Dr-Chuck-Bamford-ebook/dp/B00TIQ3Z8G

The Strategy Mindset 2.0: A Practical Guide to the Design and Implementation of Strategy is a more than worthy reworking of its first edition. This is breed apart in its category of non-fiction; it checks off all of the obvious boxes for works of its type, but stands apart from the pack as well thanks to the intimate conversational tone Bamford often adopts communicating his ideas. It will be an essential text on this subject for many years to come.

Jodi Marxbury

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