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Lexi Todd unleashes a new vibe along with a new single.  We caught up with the NYC artist to find out the story behind the new music and her new perspective.

Hi Lexi, what can you share with our readers about your upcoming new single?

“Window Shopping,” out 10/29, is about a major shift in perspective for the better. It’s about a person that comes into your life that allows you to see the world through a new lens and appreciate all its beauty. I think we all get caught up in cycles of negativity, worrying about our day-to-day stresses and anxieties. “Window Shopping” is about seeing through all of that and appreciating the little things.

Leading up the release, I’ve posted a series of interviews of myself and my friends discussing topics relating to “Window Shopping,” including change, shifts in perspective, and people that have helped in appreciating something new. You can catch the series, called “Candid Classic,” on all my social media handles!

How hands on are you in the studio and what do you enjoy most about the recording process? 

I’ve become more and more hands on in the studio since I first went solo. I’ve always had a lot of opinions about how I wanted things to sound, and I’m always there for the vocal editing, but I always used to let the producers do the actual button-pushing. That’s changed as I’ve become more comfortable using production software and more confidant in exactly the kind of sound I’m going for.

I was definitely more hands on in the recording and production process for “Window Shopping” than in the past. My friend and producer Ken and I had a session where we came up with the basic structure of what we wanted the recorded version of the song to be and what we would need to record. From there, we both got to work. As a part of that process, I arranged and recorded my own background vocals, edited the guitar, drum, and vocal parts, and even did a rough mix for the first time! I really gained a lot of confidence in my production abilities while working on this song, and I’m looking forward to getting back in the studio and learning more.

My favorite part of the recording process is arranging background vocals. I grew up singing in choirs and a capella groups, so that’s always something I’ve naturally enjoyed doing.

How do you feel this new musical work is different than your previous releases and will your audience be surprised? 

It’s fitting that the release also marks a shift for me as an artist. My audience may be surprised by this release because it’s the first happy song I’ve ever released as a solo artist and the first time I’ve shown a softer side. I’m a feminist and women’s rights advocate, and all of my music up until now has been directly focused on women’s issues. My first EP, “Maria, Immured” shed light on domestic violence through the ups and downs of an abusive relationship. My recent single “Madonna” is about defying stereotypes, especially those that women face in the music industry.

But I, like everyone else, have multiple sides to my personality, and sometimes it just feels good to be light. I’ve focused on improving my mental and spiritual health over the past year or so through meditating, journaling, exercise, etcetera, and with that my songwriting has become more positive and focused on that long spiritual journey. It’s hard for me, as someone that’s used to being this strong, feminist powerhouse, to be vulnerable and soft. I’ve really had to push myself out of my comfort zone to release “Window Shopping” and all of the accompanying visual content, but I think it’s important as an artist to constantly push myself to explore new areas of my art.

What do you see as your greatest musical asset? 

I consider myself a live performance artist. I joined my first band 10 years ago, and have played hundreds and hundreds of live shows, which has given be the opportunity to really hone my stage presence and live performance skills. I feel most like myself on stage, and I think other people see that as well.

Favorite song of 2019 so far?  Yours?  And Not Yours? 

My favorite song of mine so far is definitely “Window Shopping!” It’s been a crowd favorite for a while at my shows, and I’m really proud of how we adapted it in the studio.

It’s hard for me to pick one favorite because I listen to so much music everyday! I really love “Remind Me” by Emily King. That whole album is great.

If you could share the stage with any artist (living or not) who would you choose and why? 

Maggie Rogers. I really respect and admire how she’s stayed true to herself despite finding mainstream success. I recently saw her perform at Radio City and it was truly a special show. The lights and band were great and Maggie was captivating. I think we have a lot in common in terms of our musicality and aesthetic, which would work well together on tour.

2020 Plans and further down the line? 

I plan to start releasing more singles in 2020. The goal is to release a song a month starting in January!

How can our readers support your music and your upcoming shows? 

I’m hosting a single release party on 10/30 that’s free and open to the public! You can find all the details at my website On my website, you can also finds links to all my social media and music, and join my mailing list for all the updates on shows, new music, merch and other fun happenings.

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