Kadrolsha Ona: A Real Comic Book Superhero



Kadrolsha Ona Carole is the “Queen of The Paranormal” Pop Culture Icon, TV Movies, Author, Humanitarian, Healer, Movie Producer 47 Awards on IMDB and Comic Book Superhero. Plus she is a real paranormal investigator with 12 Paranormal Awards and much more!

 Addison Coleman:You are indisputably comic book royalty by being the first person in comic book history to be a Superhero doing what she does in real life between the pages of a comic book. How did that come about?


 Kadrolsha Ona: Thank you for asking that question! I love to tell the story for the world to hear. In 2015 while appearing at O’Comic Con in Omaha, Nebraska I met Charles Moisant of Silver Phoenix Entertainment Inc. A well known comic book company. Charles asked me to be in his new comic book authored by comics historian Brian K. Morris owner of Rising Tide Publications called “The Haunted Tales of Batcheldors Grove. I said YES, but my character had to be me doing what I do in real life. He agreed. A few months later I have a conference call with both Charles Moisant and Brian K. Morris. It was during that conversation that Brian told me about my historic comic book status. Brian verified the claim with valid research and an open letter of validation. The letter Brian wrote can be found on my website. The rest is history!


 Addison Coleman: So what is it that you do in real life?

 Kadrolsha Ona: I have many different hats. Let me see if I can sum it up. I am an International Movie Producer for Tag-team Productions LLC. We make films that matter. For Example child abuse, human trafficking. Our movies have won many awards. All can be seen on IMDB. I love helping others succeed in their lives’ goals. I am a professional paranormal investigator, author, and energy healer. I welcome all and heal all with no prejudice or bias. Plus I am a television producer for Galaxy Global Television Network with my program “Paranormal 13 News”. My life is busy and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Mainly for the comic book, the focus stays with true stories of my healing and paranormal work. For example in “The Healing”, I breathed life back into a baby kitten. This is a true story of energy healing. You have to get it and read it. It’s on my website.

The one common thread running through all my projects is I help others. It’s that plain and simple. I am dedicated to helping others and committed to helping innocent neglected animals. When I do appearances I most always try to work with charities in the area. I ask that people attending an event I am at to bring me nonperishable food items or pet items brought to my appearance table and in return I give that person a free autographed picture. The items are brought to the organization promised. When not working with a charity I donate wishlist items. This I do without credit as an anonymous donor.

Addison Coleman: You see countless celebrities getting involved with politics yet you do not. Why?

Kadrolsh Ona: Addison, I have no problem answering your question and am glad to. I love politics, but I am not political. I welcome all and I heal all without prejudice or bias. To be any less would be hypocritical of me. The one thing I will say is I respect the offices’ government officials hold including the office of the President.

Addison Coleman: Your popularity is skyrocketing. Why do you think that is?


Kadrolsha Ona: Honest hard work and being kind to others. I feel this is the key to success in any field or career. Treat people the way you want to be treated is good as well. It’s not rocket science to smile and make someone feel good. I do it all the time and people tell me they feel good being around me. I like hearing that. Yes, this is a big part of my skyrocketing popularity.


Addison Coleman: Do you have any suggestions for people wanting to get into the paranormal for a career?


Kadrolsha Ona: A career means and income and growth in the field in which you have the career. Paranormal like with all careers you have to be able to derive an income and sustain it. When people ask me this question I tell them not to quit their day jobs. The paranormal field is an expensive fun hobby. There is more money going out and not much coming in. I say do it because you love it and remember to keep that job to be able to pay for the ever-changing equipment and events you want to attend.


Addison Coleman: What drives Kadrolsha Ona on her journey of ever-growing success?


Kadrolsha Ona: Family.


Website:  www.queenoftheparanormal.com

IMDB     https://www.imdb.me/kadrolshaonacarole

Twitter:   @queenofthepara

Instagram: queenoftheparanormal

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/thequeenoftheparanormal


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