Southern Charm Cast Member Madison LeCroy Dishes On Relationship Status With Austen Kroll

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Nothing spells love like dating, breaking up, and ultimately breaking…again. Oh, and throw some adultery in the mix as well and you must have true love!

This disaster of a relationship recipe is why Southern Charm’s Madison LeCroy holds out hope that she will end up with Austen Kroll. Someone needs to tell this girl to move on!

Throughout this season of Southern Charm we watched the train wreck that is Madison and Austen’s relationship.  We have literally watched it via a video.  Taken by one of the two women Madison caught with her then-boyfriend. But don’t worry: “nothing happened.”

Yet, despite the threesome innocent hangout session she interrupted, Madison is keeping her fingers crossed she will eventually end up with her man.  In an interview with People, Madison shared her disappointment about their current relationship status. Currently, they are not together.

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“It’s just hard not getting it right,” she said, “We care about each other a lot.  He’s been my best friend for a year and a half, even though we’ve done a lot of messed up things to each other. We try to find ourselves back where we always end up…”

While Austen hasn’t been an angel during their relationship, Madison hasn’t been entirely faithful either.  In order to get back at Austen for his supposed dalliance, Madison did the mature thing of getting back at him by cheating on him. Something she admitted to during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live. Maybe these two do deserve each other.

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“I always have hope,” Madison said when asked if they would eventually reunite.

Madison remarked, “I don’t want to ever say [no].  He’s something I cannot stop. We just have a good time together, and it’s hard to convince everyone that this is your relationship when they are looking from the outside.”  If it looks bad when people can actually see you, what in the world must it be like when no one is around?

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While she is waiting for her not so Prince Charming, Madison has no interest in dating anyone else. “I’m single and definitely not looking,” she admitted, “I’m trying to be single for once.”

Does anyone else think she and Shep Rose might end up together?  It’s a fine line between love and hate.  And Shep definitely needs someone who isn’t afraid to put him in his place.

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