Robyn Confronts Gizelle On Tonight’s Real Housewives Of Potomac Episode

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Robyn Confronts Gizelle On Tonight’s Real Housewives Of Potomac Episode

Gizelle Bryant and Karen Huger squashed their beef during the last episode of Real Housewives of Potomac, but that’s not going to last. It never does. This time it didn’t even last for a whole episode. During tonight’s new RHOP episode, Gizelle wonders if Karen actually owns her fragrance La’Dame. Questioning Karen’s finances is what got Gizelle into hot water with her decades-long frienemy. Shouldn’t she know this isn’t gonna turn out well?

We all expect Gizelle to beef with Karen. However, Gizelle’s sidekick BFF Robyn Dixon finally calls out Gizelle for her messiness tonight. Gizelle was way out of hand at Robyn’s open house. She came for Monique Samuels the second she walked in the door and was both disruptive and embarrassing. Robyn didn’t say anything right away because she expected Gizelle to recognize her mistakes and own up to them. Yeah, right. Has she not met Gizelle? Or has she finally seen the light when it comes to Gizelle’s pot-stirring antics?

Obviously, Gizelle has no clue that she offended and embarrassed Robyn at the open house. So, of course, she’s gonna be surprised when Robyn shares some original thoughts confronts her.

In other news, Ashley Darby and Candiace Dillard are getting along for now. Based on social media, we can tell that these two Real Housewives of Potomac are not friends these days. And, most likely, they went at it during the reunion taping. But, on tonight’s episode the two of them enjoy some yoga together, and apparently, some short-lived peace.

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Ashley apologizes to Katie Rost for saying she’s not mentally strong enough to be in this group of women, she’s a liar, and whatever other insults she hurled at Katie last week. Hopefully, Katie apologizes for the digs she took as well. She called Ashley “stupid,” but then clarified that she thought Ashley was “dumb” instead. How is that any better? The two words are synonymous.

Well, Ashley’s apology doesn’t do too much for Katie, apparently, since Katie just disappears. It’s unclear if she just leaves all together or if she’s just avoiding the cast, but it sounds dramatic. At least we won’t have to see that crooked wig for a bit.

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