Returnee Allison & Her Mom Kim Shed 50 Pounds During Revenge Body Season Finale


Great things take time! Usually longer than expected, if we’re being honest.

Allison‘s path to transformation is proof of that. During Sunday’s season finale of Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian, the returning participant—who audiences first got know back in season two, when she and husband Chad jointly trained under Latreal Mitchell until the pro suggested Allison go home early—finally saw her journey toward health and happiness through to the finish.

“I am here because I know that, this time, I have the fight,” she told Khloe Kardashian before diving into the 12-week program for a second go-round. As Allison went on to explain, last year’s turn on the series forced her to come to terms with an assault that she’d kept secret for years, in part because holding onto it prevented her from being able to truly commit to the Revenge Body process.

Revenge Body really helped me to see that every choice you make in life will always manifest itself physically,” she told the camera. And after choosing comeback over defeat, 2019 Allison returned to the gym with her warrior face on and spunky mom Kim by her side to help with the uphill battle (sometimes literally, thanks to Latreal’s scenic sand dune workouts).

Dr. Steven Gundry helped too, by way of some tests that gave Allison a better sense of the biology behind her weight patterns. Since she wasn’t seeing the results she’d anticipated during the program’s first few weeks, Gundry’s insights felt particularly valuable to her.

“The reason you can’t lose weight…it’s not your fault,” he said, explaining that her past difficulties to that end were actually caused by elevated levels of insulin, which could be stabilized with an amended set of dietary restrictions that eliminated fruit, grains and beans from his patient’s forever grocery list.

“Last season, what did I live off of? Beans, rice and Jesus Christ,” quipped Allison during a confessional interview with Kim, who was similarly instructed to follow Dr. Gundry’s mostly plant-based new diet. “Well, now I only got Jesus Christ. ‘Cause I can’t have the beans and rice.” 

Jokes aside though, “having an answer as to why I’m not losing weight is freeing,” she continued. And both women’s progress snowballed from there.

“Kallison, they’re killing it,” Latreal noted of the dynamic mother-daughter duo. “I’m very proud of them.”

During the pair’s last training, they charged up the sandy hillside they’d both struggled to climb on day one with matching ear-to-ear grins. “This is what this was supposed to be last year. This is how I was supposed to feel,” said Allison, who was down 23 pounds to Kim’s 27. Go team!

“I have not seen this number since Chad and I’s first year of marriage,” she beamed, acknowledging later that the triumph meant so much more to her than just a numerical calculation. “I really feel like I went from being a young woman to a woman who really believes in herself.”

And Allison definitely wasn’t the only one feeling celebratory on reveal day.

“It’s been over 20 years since I felt this confident. I feel amazing,” said Kim of her own transformation. “I feel so glamorous and comfortable in my skin.”

See the women’s inspiring journey—and watch new participant Ariel and her hubby recreate their wedding photos after she sheds 40 pounds—in the full recap video above!  

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