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Justice League was released in November 2017, but once most people got a good look at the movie, it was clear that the highly anticipated film didn’t quite turn out the way Zack Snyder wanted. He was, of course, forced to step down from the movie after a family tragedy, but when Joss Whedon replaced him, he ended up changing a lot of that original vision, which led to the finished movie being a disappointment for many. And, it wasn’t long before fans began to call for the Snyder Cut of Justice League, something that has grown to near mythological proportions.

Well, it turns out that fans aren’t the only ones who would love to see the film finished as Zack Snyder intended a few years ago. Cinematographer Fabian Wagner, who worked on Justice League with Snyder, is also intrigued by the prospect of the Snyder Cut, so much so that he got a little sweary lately when asked about the possibility of Warner Bros. releasing it. Here’s what he had to say:

As a fan, and the guy who worked with Zack on Justice League, and who shot it, yeah. I mean, fuck, I would love to see Zack’s film.

There you have it, fans. Fabian Wagner is pulling no punches when it comes to his desire to see Justice League as Zack Snyder meant for us all to see it. As Wagner said in his chat with the ComicBook Debate podcast, he’s also a fan who loved working on the first film to bring these all these iconic characters to the big screen in live action, and in a single movie. But, he was also enjoying the process of working with Snyder and believed in the vision that was being put forth until the director had to step away from the project.

Earlier during his interview, Wagner, who didn’t work on the Whedon-helmed reshoots because he was unavailable by the time the film was moving forward with them, admitted that he’s only seen the theatrical cut of Justice League once and that he thinks he was “crying all the way through it,” also noting that “there was not much stuff left” of what they originally shot by the time the movie hit theaters. So, that F-bomb Wagner dropped makes total sense from a fan standpoint as well as the perspective of someone who worked on the movie for so long.

Fabian Wagner’s words will be sure to add more fuel to the Snyder Cut fire, because not only have fans (including some famous ones like Kevin Smith) kept talking about it for nearly two years, but others who worked on the movie have called for it, as well. While Zack Snyder has gone back to work on a new zombie movie for Netflix, it’s clear that he can’t quite leave the specter of his unfinished Justice League behind, either.

Snyder has taken to his social media platform of choice several times since Justice League was released to talk about (and show) fans just what he was hoping to accomplish with the superhero blockbuster, and what he wanted to set up for the planned sequel. And, the plans were vast. All that talk has fueled plenty of speculation over whether or not an already assembled Snyder Cut even exists currently, but stars like the aforementioned Kevin Smith and, most recently, everyone’s favorite Aquaman, Jason Momoa, have come out to say that it’s real and should been seen by the public at large.

Of course, Zack Snyder’s version of the movie is technically unfinished, and would need to have some potentially big bucks thrown at it to get in full audience-viewing shape. So, the big question right now is if whether or not Warner Bros., which was clearly cool with abandoning Snyder’s vision for Justice League and has since gone on to shutter the interconnected big screen DC universe that they were trying to set up, would bother to have Snyder finish his movie.

My thought is that there’s no way this would happen. If the Snyder Cut sucks, they’ve spent a bunch of money getting it finished only to come out looking no better. And, if it’s awesome, the previous theatrical cut of Justice League will just look even shittier and make Warner Bros. look even dumber. What company is signing on for either of those options?

Now, this doesn’t mean that the unfinished version of Zack Snyder’s Justice League won’t be made public some day. Maybe, in another few years, it’ll be leaked to a mysteriously untraceable Vero account in its entirety. Who knows? At least the footage will be anti-mustache-putty-face free.

It sounds like Fabian Wagner, Zack Snyder and fans who are still mourning the Snyder Cut of Justice League don’t need to worry about the call for his movie dying down any time soon. We’re probably just a few months away from “release the Snyder Cut!” becoming the new “release the hounds!” I already use it that way, and I’m a pretty good barometer for pop culture trends, so it’s gotta be coming.

You can, obviously, watch the theatrical cut of Justice League on a variety of home video platforms or streaming services right now, but stay tuned to CinemaBlend for everything new that’ll be in theaters in the coming months!

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