90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days Has Major Drama Thanks to a Sleeveless Top and Tattoos


A bloody nose, a controversial sleeveless top and threats of violence? All in an episode’s work for 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days.

The various couples featured in the Sunday, Aug. 25 episode all made their way to be together—Angela and Michael will be in next week’s installment—but it wasn’t smooth sailing for everyone.

In Tunisia, Rebecca met Zied‘s friends after standing around watching them play soccer. His pals were fascinated by her age—she’s 47—but that made her “super uncomfortable.” After they got over her age, they moved onto her tattooed arms. She revealed one arm cost about $3,000. Zied’s friends were shocked and said she could open a storefront with that amount of money in Tunisia.

Later, Rebecca readied herself for a night out with Zied, but the two immediately started arguing over the top she picked out for herself. It didn’t have sleeves. Zied said it was “so sexy,” and she couldn’t wear it out. People would look at her. She said she’d be fine because he was with her. The fighting continued and Rebecca said it was a major red flag. She bent over backwards for her ex-husband and wasn’t about to do it again for Zied. While out, she removed her jacket, despite saying she wouldn’t, and drew the attention of some other patrons in the bar. This, obviously, didn’t sit well with Zied.


Tim and Jeniffer
Tim made his way to Colombia where he immediately started to win over Jeniffer with his gifts and affection for her young daughter Violet. But it didn’t last, as the couple quickly started fighting about how close he is with his ex-girlfriend, Veronica.

Benjamin and Akinyi
Benjamin made his 30-hour trip to Kenya and upon meeting Akinyi, they were both relieved there was chemistry and attraction in person. Previously, Akinyi said he wasn’t her type, she likes tall, dark and handsome. “You’re huge!” she told him, and then noted Americans are all big. Before he arrived, Akinyi shared her worries over being with a white man, but said she assumes he has money and will be able to take care of her. One possible sticking point: Benjamin has a son and Akinyi doesn’t want to be pressured into being a mom, she isn’t sure about the whole step-mom gig.

Darcey and Tom
“The minute our eyes met, I knew,” Darcey said about Tom. “The chemistry was there.” But Tom’s not exactly sure…

After some drinks, Darcey got emotional about how nice Tom was being to her. “You’ve actually helped me heal and realize what I don’t want,” she cried to him.

Tom got them an Airbnb in London—he lives in Nottingham—and tried to put Darcey in her own room. Then she cried and said she wasn’t ready to be alone and just needed to cuddle. But in the middle of the night, she thrashed and gave him a bloody nose. “I kind of felt like I was babysitting a little,” Tom said.

On their “second date,” Tom revealed he was seeing other women…like very recently. That likely won’t sit well with Darcey…

Avery and Omar
While in Lebanon, Avery, Omar and Avery’s mom Teri went wedding dress shopping. Teri is still unsure of Omar and did her best to make her skepticism known and antagonize her future son-in-law. While at a celebratory dinner, Teri encouraged her daughter to have a glass of wine and when she wouldn’t Teri ordered a Long Island iced tea. She brought up a Google search of “Muslim wife” and started reading things Omar could potentially do to Avery. Teri said she’d beat Omar with a stick if he touched Avery. To that, Omar said Teri doesn’t respect his culture.

Caesar and Maria
Oh, Caesar. The nail technician from Florida revealed he wasn’t paying his bills or rent and basically was living off of ramen noodles to pay for Maria and make sure she made her way to Mexico for their first meeting. But he didn’t hear from her for days. Still, he made his way to Florida, only to arrive and find out his bags did not. Will Maria?

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days airs Sundays, 8 p.m. on TLC.

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