Lisa Vanderpump’s Restaurant SUR Responds To (Alleged) Extreme Food Poisoning Complaint

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Life Isn’t All Diamonds and rosé, sometimes it’s much more disgusting. Sad but true in the restaurant business. Recently, news broke about Lisa Vanderpump’s decadent hotspot SUR being the scene of a fabricated event medical emergency. Heavily featured in Vanderpump Rules, the ambiance is romantic, sinful, and possibly cleaned by a Hazmat crew.

That’s if you believe the claim of one former SUR patron, who had an incredibly unsatisfactory dining experience. Two years ago. Allegedly. In a story that no one believes left the complainant humiliated and much thinner, details were shared about their (ALLEGED) unpleasant experience. The specifics were almost textbook in nature, yet there is no evidence of the graphic occurrence. Now SUR is responding, and co-owner Natalie Zapata wants the unhappy customer to have a seat. Just not at her table.

In a popular LA eatery, that is a definite tourist and fan destination, it seems unlikely we haven’t heard this information before. An establishment with cell phones, security cameras, and other people with working vision – not a peep has been made about the unnamed woman’s incident. In an age of social media and gossip sites, how could such an extraordinary display of bodily evacuation happen with no proof? Natalie would like a word, if you don’t mind.

After news of the 2-year-old shit storm unfortunate act of nature resulted in a brand new lawsuit, Natalie told People, “SUR has been in business for 15 years and serves over 150,000 patrons a year.” Natalie goes on to say, “Nothing is more important to us than the care and enjoyment of our patrons. We have maintained our ‘A’ rating from the department of health and regular checks from the health department. We have no record of this ever happening from two years ago in 2017.”

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Excellent point. Why no documentation of the ALLEGED horror show? According to the patron, the “food poisoning” incident took place on August 17, 2017, which was a Saturday night. I would be remiss if I did not point out the obvious. If you are on the floor of a busy restaurant, wallowing in white fish and your own feces, honey someone is going to take your photo. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but welcome to society.

Natalie added, “If someone had vomited and defecated on the floor, it would have immediately been reported to the health department and would have been on our cameras or others.” Sounds about right. Natalie then confirmed, “We or our attorneys have yet to see the complaint just filed, 24 months after this alleged incident.” Hmmm, are you thinking what I’m thinking? Lisa has so many people probably seeking revenge on a certain plan that backfired. I won’t mention it by name, but it rhymes with #fluffyhate. We see you Lisa Rinna,  Dorit Kemsley, Kyle Richards,  Erika Jayne,  Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave  petitioners of malevolence!

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Oh I’m just having fun! At the time of this writing, no further documents have been filed. New information from the woman who filed the claim has not been released. It is probably safe to say at this juncture, if the Hazardous Materials Response Team visits SUR in the future, it’s because of the staff. Not the food.


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