Bethenny Frankel Is Still Legally Married To Jason Hoppy

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Bethenny Still Legally Married To Jason Hoppy

Remember when it was all “about Tom?”  I kind of miss that.  Because these days, it’s all about Bethenny Frankel.  First,  to the shock of fans and, apparently, cast mates, she announced her departure from the Real Housewives of New York.

Then, she broke Twitter with her announcement that she “is the only one that is actually married,” causing endless speculation that she secretly married her current boyfriend, Paul Bernon.  She also tagged all of her castmates in her announcement.  Reminder:  all of her castmates are single and desperate not to be single.  Well, all except Dorinda Medly, She wouldn’t marry boyfriend John Mahdessian and for all the free dry cleaning and Christmas décor in the world.

But nope, Paul isn’t Bethenny’s blushing groom!  According to Page Six, Bethenny is still married to the scariest man on earth, Jason Hoppy.

I’m terrified of Jason.  He chills me to my core.  I’m convinced that he tried to psychologically terrorize Bethenny when they were married.  Like, I bet he did little things every day to make her think she’s crazy – one day he turned all the mugs in the cabinet the wrong way  and one day he moved her planner from the top drawer to the middle drawer.  (Because you know she’s neurotic enough that her mugs have to face southwest or something.)  Then when she freaked out because someone was messing with her stuff,  he tried to convince her that she was crazy because obviously no one was messing with her kitchen cabinets and office supplies.  He was just trying to get her to have a breakdown so he got her Skinnygirl fortune.  Admittedly, my fear of Jason is oddly specific and elaborate. 

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But y’all.  Remember when he Face Time harassed her?  That was creepy af.

Jason’s lawyer told Page Six that “technically” Jason and Bethenny are still married and that “Jason has been pushing for years” to get the divorce finalized.  Apparently, however, Bethenny held up the divorce.  You know, due to that pesky little order of protection she got against Jason for stalking and harassing her.  Outside of their kid’s school!

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Apparently, prior to the order of protection, Bethenny and Jason had a custody arrangement in place.  A spokesperson for the judge overseeing Jason and Bethenny’s divorce told Page Six that the order of protection impacted the custody arrangement.  Once the order of protection was filed, Bethenny filed to amend the custody arrangement.  Honestly, that seems reasonable.  Jason displayed some pretty troubling behavior outside of their child’s school.  That type of questionable judgement feels like a good reason to revisit custody.

But listen, that order of protection was in 2017.  You would think they would have this stuff all worked out nearly two years later.

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I do not believe for a hot minute that Bethenny did not know exactly  the firestorm she was setting off when she suddenly announced her departure from RHONY and when she slipped in that  “I’m married, hehe” Tweet.  She is a shrewd businesswomen and is skilled in the art of self-promotion.

My bet is that she set the internet on fire this week in anticipation of an upcoming announcement.  Maybe related to her new project that “represents a shift in the conversation for women.”

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It sounds like Bethenny wants to move on to projects that, instead of highlighting petty and exhausting arguments over gigantic nutcrackers, deal with issues that are important to women in our society.  Love ya, B, and I wish you success in your future endeavors.  But, tbh, I like my reality tv friends petty and exhausting.

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[Photo Credit: Heidi Gutman/Bravo]

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