Report: Jax Taylor Feuding With Ariana Madix & Tom Sandoval Over Using Lance Bass As Wedding Officiant

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Remember when Vanderpump Rules used to be about friends getting drunk and sleeping with one another? Now that most of the cast have significant others, legally or otherwise, the conflicts have taken a different turn. Have we seen the last of Jax Taylor and his promiscuous ways? Is Kristen Doute no longer stalking her ex-boyfriends? Has  Katie Maloney put down the tequila bottle forever? With all of the “adulting” going on, you have to wonder if the show has lost it’s edge. Sure, next season we will get fancy houses and more weddings than we asked for, but do we really want that from  Pump Rules?

At any rate, you might be aware the friends are feuding again. Stassi Schroeder stopped looking at her engagement ring long enough to admit this season’s drama is “killing her”. She’s not talking to Kristen anymore, basically shunning her to Scheana Marie Island. Bille Lee  has left the scene entirely, though no one really cares her storylines only revolved around being unliked. Last week we found out Kristen, Tom Sandoval, and Ariana Madix’s new face unfollowed Jax on social media. Now we might have the reason behind the blowout. In an interesting departure from the norm, this argument involves a servant of God. Kind of. And on the fifth day, the Lord said, give them petty!

I know you are, but what am I! Seems like that is the equivalent of unfollowing someone on social media these days. Well, now Jax has some empty space in his news feed because he has released Tom 1, Ariana, Scheana, and Kristen. Oh noes! While these people are not the epitome of stable relationships, what could have caused such a rift?

A source spoke to E! News with some details. “[Jax] had a huge blowout fight with Tom and Ariana in June.” Apparently things were tense because of Jax and Brittany’s choice of a wedding officiant. Originally scheduled to head the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Cauchi, Ryan Dotson was the initial pastor on board to marry the couple. But in 2015, Ryan had apparently made some anti-LGBTQ comments on Twitter that altered their decision use him in the ceremony. Lisa Vanderpump was not up for it following her mother’s death, so Lance Bass stepped in.

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The insider shared Tom and Ariana were upset because they “claim Jax only had Lance do the wedding instead of the pastor because Lance is a celebrity.” Correction, Lance was a celebrity. In 2009 – look, I know Lance was no one-hit-wonder, but it isn’t like he’s currently holding steady at the Billboard #1 spot. Also, why do Tom and Ariana care?

According to reports, Lance was “really excited” to marry Jax and Brittany and “gladly agreed” to the opportunity after Lisa passed on the role. Lance also might be “really excited” to have been the one who dropped the bomb about Tom Schwartz and Katie’s marriage not being legal. In other words, Lance could be “really excited” to get any publicity these days. But again, why are Tom and Ariana so pressed?

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But never fear, Jax is still speaking to… Stassi, her fiancé  Beau Clark, Lala Kent, Katie and Tom 2. Jax has yet to comment publicly on the toddler tantrums feud. Looks like we’ve got a war on our hands, folks! It might not be a war involving world peace or the financial crisis in America, but a war nonetheless. First fighting over who conducts a marriage ceremony, what’s next, fighting over taxes? Stay tuned.

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