Joker Star Marc Maron Rages Against Marvel Movies: Those Are for Grown Nerd Childs


Marc Maron still doesn’t like comic book movies. The comedian stars in the upcoming Joker movie and recently doubled down on his previous comments, noting that the genre is for “grown, male nerd childs.” This may come as an insult for some, but this is a part of Maron’s act and it has been since the early 1990s. However, he is all about people going to the movies and enjoying themselves, he just wishes people would take the comic book movies a little less seriously.

Last summer, Marc Maron shared his thoughts on comic book movies during an episode of his WTF podcast. The comedian was responding to some hate mail he received for being condescending to Paul Rudd and Josh Brolin during interviews when they brought up the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He doubled down on those comments in a recent interview with Conan O’Brien. He had this to say.

“I have some issues with them and I generally don’t like them. I don’t wanna be bullied into seeing those movies. I’m a grown-up, I’m not seven, and I think those movies are for grown, male nerd childs.”

Conan O’Brien’s audience was mostly polite during Marc Maron’s explanation for not liking comic book movies, but some of them did boo. “Oh, really? Take the hit! You guys are in charge of culture,” Maron said in response to the light booing from the audience. Maron wasn’t finished there and continued his rant on why he doesn’t like comic book movies. Maron explains.

“Now I gotta go travel 15-20 minutes to a smaller movie theater to see a grown-up movie with other grown-ups where we can all sit together and not understand the ending? That’s part of the experience. Where you walk out and you’re like, ‘I don’t know, did the guy die? It’s not clear.’ That’s the kind of movie I enjoy. I’m not gonna be bullied by grown, nerd men.”

Conan O’Brien was laughing during Marc Maron’s rant and noted that he does this sort of thing every time he’s on the show and has since the early 1990s. “I just don’t go see them, I’m not interested. Maybe I overdid it a little bit,” said Maron when agreeing with O’Brien’s observations. When recently talking about taking on the Joker role, Maron admitted that the main reason he wanted it was to work with Joaquin Phoenix and Robert De Niro.

When pressed further, Marc Maron echoed the same sentiment we’ve been hearing for over a year now about the Joker movie, which is that it is not a typical comic book movie. Since then, we’ve seen the gritty trailer, director Todd Phillips has guaranteed an R-rating, and Joaquin Phoenix has given us more insight into his mindset. Joker is going to be something different and it will more than likely alienate some comic book fans, just like Maron’s comments on the subject. You can watch Maron go off on comic book movies below, thanks to the Team Coco YouTube channel.

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