Single Review: “Free Time”: Ian Guerin



R&B singer Ian Guerin’s new single “Free Time” is filled with harmonious hooks and thrills. The theme is “love”….”I know this love thing can be a scary thing, Especially when the hearts been broken so many times before…..Cause the last time when you were asked to trust, all you got was pain and deceit and all that bad stuff…..I need you to trust me so that one day we can say……”, I won’t give the rest away!

Ian Guerin is adorable and pours his heart out in his songs. He makes you want to hug him and promise that everything will turn out alright. His style reminds me of a very young Luther Vandross. Ian is exciting yet sensuous.

Ian has had several international singles that have been extremely successful,  with “Cry” which was named U.K. Best R&B Soul Single of the year and “Roll the Dice” number 1 UK single.  “Free Time” was a four-time award winning U.K. #1 single, and has recently been released in the U.S. His current album, “Irreplaceable” is creating a superstar buzz in both the States and internationally. This was the follow-up to his debut album released in 2012.

Ian Guerin is an artist to keep your eye on. He writes and sings song reflecting who he is making them relevant and authentic. It is easy to figure out his life through his songs as he seems to keep nothing a secret. His songs are commercially friendly and definitely dirty danceable. I think a huge career is beckoning him and if he keeps following the path that he’s walking down I’m sure he will find it…..

4/5 Stars

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