Is Another Crew Member Let Go On Tonight’s Below Deck Mediterranean?

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On tonight’s Below Deck Mediterranean, the crew begins to crack under the pressure of being over-worked and under-prepared while hitting the mid-charter season slump. Things get so bad someone either quits or is fired!

My money is on Anastasia Surmava either leaving because she realizes that she can’t handle the pressure of being a yacht chef, or getting fired because her ego won’t let her admit that she’s ill-prepared causing her to f–k up left and right until Captain Sandy Yawn has no other choice but to let Anastasia go and bring on Ben Robinson

Of course June Foster could also be axed if Anastasia returns to her third crew position. It doesn’t seem like anyone would miss June except for Colin Macy-O’Toole who is the lone person who can get through to “June, June, Hannah…” on planet “When’s Lunch”. Ultimately Colin decides to put his heart on the line when he finds out one of the girls will be leaving the crew.

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With a high maintenance charter group the crew is stressed to the max trying to manage with Anastasia falling apart in the kitchen, and everyone is at each other’s throats. Except for Jack Stirrup who is at Aesha Scotts throat in a very different way! These two are seemingly oblivious to all the drama surrounding them as their relationship continues to heat up.

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Meanwhile Hannah Ferrier also has to put her heart on the line by confronting Travis Michalzik about his out of control drinking after yet another crew night out turns to disaster when Travis gets trashed.

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Joao Franco continues to battle with Jack over his poor work ethic and finally threatens to fire him if he doesn’t shape up. Captain Sandy is in full agreement that it’s time for Jack to decide whether he wants to be there to work, or not.

Lastly Travis goes too far when drunk, leading to serious consequences that could threaten everyone’s ability to work together.

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