Craig Conover Dishes On His New Friendship With Ex Naomie Olindo

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Craig Conover Dishes On His New Friendship With Ex Naomie Olindo

It seems like Craig Conover is over the split with Naomie Olindo. It may have taken way too long in a very public manner, but he finally got that last bit of closure during their only one-on-one coversation during this season of Southern Charm.

We never really got to see if their relationship progressed since Naomie skipped out on pretty much every event Craig went to. She didn’t go to the pillow party at his house. She also ditched the cast trip to Colorado and was forced to film with Ashley Jacobs instead. However, Naomie and Craig were both at the season finale party, where Craig was miffed that she and her new man Metul Shah wouldn’t take shots with him. Well, Naomie can’t ditch the Southern Charm reunion. Should we expect the exes to argue about their previous relationship and throw shade? Apparently not.

Craig dished on where he stands with Naomie in an interview with the Domenick Nati Show. Craig was asked, “How is your relationship with Naomie?”

At first, Craig declared, “It kind of goes back and forth.”

Craig recalled, “She and I were kind of kept away from her for a while, but on the reunion, we were actually able to kind of team up.” Against who though?

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He remarked, “It was the first time we were both really supportive of one another. She kind of apologized for a lot of things and I apologized for a lot of things.” Was this part captured on camera? I cannot picture Naomie apologizing for anything.

Craig admitted, “I think everyone was kind of expecting me to throw her boyfriend under the busy or try to go after her. Instead, it was actually kind and we sat at the bar together for an hour after the reunion and kind of just talked like old friends.” Again, I wish this part was filmed.

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Craig concluded, “Then, she went to the Bahamas with him the next morning and I went out with my friends to the Hamptons. It’s good. It was peaceful. We’re friends.” Maybe Naomie will actually show up to Southern Charm events next season.

And, of course, Craig was asked if he would ever get back together with Naomie. He actually does seem over her. Finally. Craig responded, “We are friends now, but I think we are both different people and I think TV can change people’s directions. I think that ship’s sailed.”

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