Scott Disick’s Pool Gets a Modern Revamp: See the Stunning Before & After!


Luxury home renovation is what Scott Disick does for a living, but the real estate professional still makes time for personal projects—especially when he’s feeling inspired.

“Let’s take a look at this pool,” he told interior designer Willa Ford during Sunday’s new Flip It Like Disick, before stepping down into a sprawling rectangular cavity situated along the edge of an elevated home terrace in Beverly Hills. “‘Cause this is making me think, my house would be such a different world if we did the landscape, hardscape and the pool.”

The pair’s private terrace tour came at the tail end of a comprehensive walk-through, courtesy of Scott’s friend and real estate developer Ilan, who was just about done remodeling a 15,000-square-foot alabaster oasis with panoramic views of L.A. Needless to say, after examining the mansion’s second-floor swim offering up close, Scott was sold on the idea.

“Seeing this pool makes me definitely know that I want to do a big, zero-edge infinity-type pool,” he said, which—for those of us less familiar with construction terms—essentially means re-configuring the perimeter so that water flows freely over it on all sides. Hence, “zero” edges.

“It basically looks like it’s floating,” the Talentless founder explained. “And it definitely looks more expensive.”

Pre update, Scott’s Hidden Hills backyard was a little retro. Between his Cape Cod-style abode and the sweeping mountain range just beyond it sat a freestanding, kidney-shaped pool that, according to its (former) owner, “literally looks like out of a ’70s porno movie.”

So, to catapult the outdoor asset into this century, Scott asked Willa for help finding the perfect materials. Taking a note from several zero-edge infinity pools he’d seen in Bali, the father of three settled on a deep turquoise-toned tile for the pool’s new interior, a darker-toned tile for the exterior and slate-colored pavement for the circumference (i.e. “hardscape”).  

“So then when you see it, it basically looks like a floating piece of glass,” Scott mused, adding that his plans for the redesign would also include an infinity element facing his million-dollar view, “so it looks like all the water’s spilling off into the mountainside.”

With his vision in place, Scott, Willa and a speedy team of contractors (usual go-to guy Miki Mor was notably not included, which was a whole other thing) broke ground in the backyard. After reconstructing the shape and building a wrap-around drain to catch the overflow, Scott’s newfangled 50-foot pool was well on its way to zero-edged flair and even featured a sectioned-off hot tub area for added luxury.

Once the project was done, Scott invited the team to his place for some due celebration. While he and Willa were hard at work on the at-home redesign, his colleagues had successfully sold the lush Malibu property they’d been sitting on since Flip It Like Disick‘s pilot episode.

“Job well done!” he toasted—as he and the rest of the crew, Benny Luciano, Kozette Luciano and Lindsay Diamond included, popped champagne poolside—and the group followed suit.

Of course, the double-victory gathering wasn’t complete until someone threw someone else in the water, and that lucky appointee turned out to be Lindsay (though Benny, who assisted Scott with the toss, nearly toppled in himself because zero edges remember!).

Lucky for them, Lindsay has a good sense of humor. She might recommend installing a heater though.  

See the gorgeous pool redesign for yourself—and catch up on the demolition progress over at the team’s Jed Smith house—in the full recap video above!

Watch a brand new episode of Flip It Like Disick Sunday at 9 p.m., only on E!

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