Eliza Limehouse Weighs In On Shep Rose Making Fun Of A Homeless Woman

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Eliza Limehouse has just completed her first year as a full-time cast member of Southern Charm. Somehow, she has mostly managed to avoid drama with her co-stars, other than a bizarre run-in with Kathryn Dennis early in the season. Eliza’s main purpose has seemed to be to issue event invites to fame wh*re Ashley Jacobs to annoy the rest of the cast. A thankless job, to be sure.

Although Eliza has not been the lightening rod that newcomer Madison Lecroy has been, she is not without opinions. That includes her thoughts about the recent social media debacle of pal Shep Rose, who posted an ill-advised video of a woman collecting cans on the street. Shep made crude comments making fun of the woman. Plus, she was filmed, despite asking not to be on camera.

In an interview with People, Eliza shared her opinions on Shep and the video that eventually resulted in him shutting down his Twitter account. Eliza stated, “I think Shep doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, but he sometimes comes across and does things that he shouldn’t, just because he’s so open. And he’s always trying to make a joke out of something, and some things just aren’t funny.”

It seems Eliza does not think making vulgar comments about someone collecting cans to make money to support herself is funny. Like 99.9% of the rest of the world. I am still scratching my head on how Shep could have posted such a video, then defended himself for doing so. Doesn’t he think?

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Eliza does believe that Shep might be catching on that his humor can be inappropriate. She explained, “I think that he’s understanding that more and more.” I am also sure that nearly universal criticism would make one take stock–even the often arrogant Mr. Rose.

Although Eliza might not approve of Shep’s boorish behavior, she does have some empathy for him. She says, “He didn’t grow up in that environment. He grew up in Hilton Head–you don’t see anything like that where he’s from.” Is Eliza talking about an “environment” where not everyone has the luxury of a trust fund and mailbox money?

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Shep is almost 40 years old and prides himself on being a sophisticated man. Surely he has encountered people not born with a silver spoon in their mouth before. And shouldn’t someone of privilege know that it is bad manners to make fun of someone less financially blessed than yourself?

Eliza believes she is more attuned to public perception than Shep, declaring, “I went into this a little more aware just growing up in the political eye. He’s got a lot more flack. He didn’t grow up with people watching him under a microscope.”

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No, but Shep has been on Southern Charm since 2014. He has to be aware of how his behavior and social media posts can get him into trouble. It almost seems like he just doesn’t care and considers himself beyond reproach–kind of like he can come across on the show.

Eliza also believes that Shep can be his own worst enemy, admitting, “I think that he sometimes does and says things that hurt other people and he’s slowly learning to watch what he does. That wasn’t cool, and obviously he knows that now.” Our little Shep–he’s growing up so fast! Is he learning empathy–or just becoming smarter about how to hide his disdain to avoid bad publicity?

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If nothing else, Shep has taken some accountability for his thoughtless actions. He eventually apologized for his video on Twitter after taking a battering on social media.  Shortly thereafter, he deactivated his Twitter account. Probably a wise decision.

Shep might want to consider laying low for awhile. His recent Instagram posts show that he has been on vacation in Alaska, which might be for the best. Hopefully the Wi-Fi connections are spotty or non-existent while Mr. Rose contemplates his recent behavior in the wilds of Alaska.

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