Tamra’s Son Ryan Vieth Claims He’s Done With Real Housewives Of Orange County; Says Ex Cheated With Dakota Meyer From Teen Mom

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Since Tamra doesn’t have a storyline, For some reason, Ryan Vieth has been on Real Housewives of Orange County a lot this season. No one wants Tamra Judge’s son on our screens. He’s never been entertaining and most of the time he’s just straight-up offensive.

Bravo, please make it stop. Recently, Ryan’s ex (and mother of his daughter) Sarah Rodriguez posted some disgusting texts from Ryan. He called her daughter a “little bitch.” He told her to kill herself and even sent a photo of a bullet. It was absolutely terrible. But, of course, Tamra brushed it off. Now, Ryan is attempting to defend himself and doing a terrible job at that.

The Instagram account Bravo Snark Side shared screenshots from Ryan’s Instagram Story where he attempted to clear his name. Spoiler alert: he did nothing to change fans’ current opinions. Ryan said, “I don’t play the media for sympathy.” But he did send her a picture of a bullet and told her to kill herself… “allegedly.”

Ryan said, “There’s a lot about our life that people don’t know and I’m here to set the record straight.”

Ryan shared, “And for the Bravo fans, this season is my last.” ALL WE WANTED TO HEAR.

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He also said, “I will never be [a part] of this show, the money isn’t worth having all this chaos around my daughter.”

He posted another screenshot with Sarah telling him “I am posting the [bullet] one next.” In response, Ryan said, “I’m fine Sarah, all is good. Not stressing about anything. I’m not going to affect your life or happiness again.” But he did not actually deny sending her that message. So much for those “alleged texts.

He told Sarah, “Please don’t disrupt my life with Ava.” He has a very skewed view of trying to be the bigger person. His screenshots prove nothing. They pretty much just confirm that those messages Sarah shared were genuine.

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Then he accused Sarah of getting with Dakota Meyer from Teen Mom and said leaking the texts was “100% pre meditated because she got caught hanging out with a man the day I told her I didn’t want to be with her anymore.” Who cares if it was premeditated? HE SENT THOSE TEXTS. Isn’t that the real issue here? Who cares if she was with Bristol Palin’s man? That’s a whole separate issue.

Get ready to puke. Ryan also declared that Sarah was “just in [his] bed 2 days ago.”

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How did any of this help Ryan’s case? At all? Let’s hope they edit out his part in the season’s remaining episodes. Why wait for Season 15 to go Ryan-free?


[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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