Nightdive to Focus on Multiplayer, Mod Compatibility For ‘System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition’


We never did get much of anything last week when Nightdive announced their plans to create an Enhanced Edition of System Shock 2. Thankfully, studio CEO Stephen Kick sat down with GamesRadar and gave a little more insight into just what Nightdive’s plans are for the game.

For starters, the devs are focusing on adding a co-op multiplayer component to the game. That’s right, no more modding. “Our priority with the Enhanced Edition is to be able to deliver an updated co-op multiplayer component. As of right now starting a co-op campaign is needlessly complicated and we’re going to address that by implementing features that will enable a more modern and streamlined experience,” Kick said.

Furthermore, Kick stated that the team’s other focus is to maintain compatibility with all of the add-on missions and enhancements that fans have created over the years (including the sadly unfinished but superb System Shock 2 Rebirth mod that overhauls the game’s graphics). “Our other priority is to ensure that all existing mods and fan missions are compatible with the Enhanced Edition, but much of that will rely on the cooperation of the mod community.”

Kick also left a little tease for fans, saying that the team will have some “other surprises” that they’ll reveal in the future for the Enhanced Edition. At the moment, the game is slated to appear only on PC.

Nightdive’s System Shock remake is due out next year for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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