Mario & Yoshi Fan-Art Pulls a Body-Swap Switcheroo and It’s Disturbing


Someone has made one of the most horrifying body swaps ever created. It involves Nintendo legends Mario and Yoshi and you’ll never unsee it. People thought the Super Mario Bros. movie was bad, but this new fan artwork is in a league of its own and it is easily one of the weirdest body swaps of all time. Yoshi, the little green dinosaur, was first introduced in 1990’s Super Nintendo game Super Mario World and he has been seen in a ton of other games ever since. He’s also arguably one of the better Mario Kart racers, according to some Nintendo fans.

This Mario and Yoshi body swap instantly turns Mario into Yoshi, which trades out the green color and turns it to flesh with a mustache and Mario’s face. He does not have his trademark hat on anymore and is bald like Yoshi is. The little green dinosaur takes on the role of Mario and is riding on the back of the newly created and terrifying creature with his fist in the air. Words just don’t do it justice and you’ll just have to see for yourself below.

The Mario and Yoshi body swap art has been making the rounds on social media and has been getting different names by Nintendo video game fans. Marioshi is one of the more popular names going around, but Moshi also seems to be pretty popular. Others just like to call it horrifying and completely unnecessary. Those people would also not be wrong. Seeing a flesh colored cartoon dinosaur with a mustache is almost too much for anyone to handle.

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However, there are some Nintendo fans who are happy to see Yoshi get some revenge. In Super Mario World, Mario rides Yoshi and hits him in the back of the head to spit out his tongue and eat enemies and other items. It’s actually quite violent when you think about it. So now, Yoshi is riding Mario and he will be the one doing the hitting now. One can already see someone hacking the original game to make a rom that turns this fan art into a playable reality for those who like to play with homemade roms and have nightmares.

Mario has used and abused Yoshi long enough. No more using the dinosaur for super high jumps, only to ditch him at the last second, and certainly no more getting hit on the back of the end to perform basic tasks. Yoshi is the master now and Mario is just some transportation with a unique skillset. It’s been nearly 30 years since Yoshi first arrived on the scene and nobody could ever imagine he would spark such a weird and scary piece of fan art. If you’re brave enough, you can check out the disturbing Yoshi and Mario body swap image below, thanks to Reddit.

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