Apollo Nida Says Phaedra Parks Keeps Him From His Kids; Peter Thomas Chimes In

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Ayden & Dylan Visit Apollo

It feels like a whole lifetime ago since Real Housewives of Atlanta fans saw Phaedra Parks take her young sons to visit their father in a Philadelphia prison. And I don’t even know these people. Imagine how Apollo feels. That’s actually the last time he saw his sons and it was probably paid for by the Bravo network.

Now, Apollo is out of jail and back in a Philadelphia halfway house since late July. And he’s back on Instagram. Recently, he accused Phaedra of keeping their two sons from him.

In a recent Instagram post, Apollo wrote, “DON’T WORRY ! We will be together soon, No matter what,she can’t keep us apart. The fight will not stop to be a good DAD!!! There’s not a day that goes by I don’t think of the 2 of u. LOVE AND MISS YA SO MUCH.#dayonedad #alwaysbeenthere #fathershaverightstoo .” Do the kids have Instagram accounts? How are they supposed to see this? But obviously, articles like this one are why he took this public.

The real question is did Apollo’s public outcry prompt a private response from Phaedra? Probably not, but now Peter Thomas weighed in, of course.

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In a video obtained by The Shade Room Instagram Account, Peter said, “I was reading and the time she went to visit him in jail it was on Bravo’s dime. It was recorded for the show.” That is not shocking. Phaedra clearly did not want to be there. Roll back the footage.

Peter theorized, “She probably wouldn’t have done it if they didn’t force her hand to do it. I know how that sh*t works and that’s really f*cked up.”

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Peter also declared, “You’re keeping those boys from seeing their dad. That’s some really f*cked up sh*t.”

Even though Peter isn’t on reality TV anymore, he hasn’t lost his knack for messiness. Peter said, “He’s home. He hasn’t seen his kids in three years. I don’t like females like that. Because you’re mad at the dude that you had the kid with now you’re using the kid against him. That sh*t is foul to me.”

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Within the profanity-filled rant, Peter did make a couple valid points: “They don’t have to like each other but they made those babies with each other. He wasn’t abusive towards those kids. He wasn’t abusive towards her.” He proclaimed, “Let him see his kids. Y’all don’t have to like each other but y’all need to love [those] kids and depriving those kids from seeing their dad is not good.”

What. A. Mess.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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