Kelly Dodd Says Brian Reagan Cheated Her; She Has A New Man Already

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Kelly Dodd Real Housewives Of Orange County

Can we get a camera crew to Orange County to film some extra footage for Real Housewives of Orange County Season 14? Kelly Dodd’s love life has lots of twists and turns these days. On the season, she’s dating Dr. Brian Reagan, but in real life (and on social media), they’ve broken up and got back together many times in the past few months.

In a series of Instagram Stories that she posted yesterday, Kelly revealed the breakup and said even sang “Another One Bites The Dust” in his honor. Now, she is accusing him of cheating and she already has a new man.

Kelly told People that she is dating Rick Leventhal, a Fox News correspondent. She also aid, “It’s new, we haven’t even had sex. But he’s already treated me with more respect than Brian ever did.” Didn’t she just break up with Brian yesterday?

Apparently not, even though she did just say that she wanted to marry Brian in an interview with People last week. Kelly clarified, “I broke up with him on Aug. 3.” And based on their history, they probably got back together and broke up several times within the past twelve days.

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Kelly said, “We’ve been on and off for 9 months and I couldn’t take it anymore.” But, are they really done?

Kelly said that Brian was “using [her] for publicity.” She elaborated, “He wanted his business on the show. I was just a means to get there. And I only realized that after I caught him cheating on me and realized he’s been seeing someone else all along.” People reached out to the publicity hungry plastic surgeon, but he did not respond.

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